Hi all,

It has been a while since I reached out and a lot has been going on in the background. I wanted to let everyone know what is happening and generally keep in touch.


Everyone who keeps up with us knows we have a new firewall management solution that fits in rather cozily with our networking solutions. It seemed so incredibly natural for us to have a product for firewalls that I have to admit that, when I heard the announcement, I simply shook my head 'yes' and felt incredibly at ease with it. It just makes sense.


Now, the next phase of thwack will be a bit more intriguing for some of you, and I hope not frustrating for others. We are implementing machine translation for the site. Before anyone tells me how MT is bad and how it is so incredibly rudimentary, understand that we want the community to be international and not segregated. There will be bumps with MT. There may be amusing errors in translations. I would ask that you point those out to me when we go live. But, what I would also point out that there is also no other realistic way to take a living, breathing community and provide international input in real time. We are going to give this a go and I sure hope it is successful. When it is live, there will be flag links at the top left of the page. So far, testing has been rather fun... and, well, challenging. It brings me back to my German classes... Holy Crazy Memories von die Fledermaus.


Soon, you should also see our thwack store rise up... You will be able to redeem points for a variety of cool SolarWinds swag, ranging from buttons to t-shirts to USB keys to beanies to laptop skins. And, so you know, while you will use your points earned on thwack as the means to your swag end, you will not lose your rankings. Rankings are based on lifetime points, so spend those points to your heart's content. Soon.


New spaces, like PatchZone and the The specified item was not found. are in the works. We are serious about giving back to you, our community. We are serious about making the site helpful to you as you go through your day and not a place to only find SolarWinds-specific info. I hope you are enjoying and checking those spaces regularly.


Okay, enough outta me.

See you on the boards,