Hi everyone,

I know I'm a little late to the party... let's call it recovery, but I wanted to take a few minutes to draw your attention to the thwack store http://thwack.solarwinds.com/store.

We are really excited to provide a little bit more incentive, an extra nudge as it were, around gathering points through your helpful posts, your responses, your uploads, your downloads -- your engagement with everyone.


The store provides a venue for you to redeem points for SolarWinds merch.

Some cool things to make note of:

  • You don’t lose your place on the leaderboards when you spend your points (there is a historic record of points used for leaderboards and a separate accounting system for spendable points)
  • We will be expanding our list of actions for which you can earn points, so stay tuned:
  • Shipping is covered by SolarWinds for the the US and Canada. <-- We are working on solutions for international shipping... we were just too excited to keep a lid on the store until we figured it out. We will figure it out.


Let us know what you saw at the shows that you really liked and want to see in the store. We have some ideas, but we welcome more. Bring them on.


Please browse our store, check out the FAQ, and enjoy the well-deserve swag.

And, please join me in recognizing DanielleH, spugatch, and randyramirez for their roles in bringing the store to life.


Thank you,


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get these out to you as soon as we got them. I always wonder about the results of surveys I take, and I wanted to let you see how you ranked in.

These are the results of the survey I asked you to participate in here: Disasters: How Prepared Are You? How Prepared Is Your Datacenter?



Disaster Preparedness and Response Survey - SolarWinds and Network World


  1. Do you have a disaster preparedness and response plan for your business or IT department?
    • Yes      74.7%
    • No        25.3%
  2. If you have a disaster preparedness and response plan, how often do you update these plans?
    • Never                                            7.6%
    • About once per year                  44.6%
    • About once every two years    15.2%
    • About once every five years        4.5%
    • We don't have a plan.                16.5%
    • Other (please specify)        11.6%

  3. If you have a disaster preparedness and response plan, how often do you perform significant testing of these plans?
    • Never                                        22.1%
    • Once every two years            11.9%
    • Once per year                          22.6%
    • Twice per year                          12.8%
    • Every quarter                              9.3%
    • We don’t have a plan.              15.5%
    • Other (please specify)        5.8%
  4. If you don’t have a disaster preparedness and response plan, how likely is it that you or your organization will create one in the next 12 months?
    • Certain                                      8.0%
    • Very likely                                16.1%
    • Not likely                                    8.9%
    • I don’t know                              8.9%
    • N/A (We have a plan.)              57.6%
    • Other                                        0.4%
  5. In the wake of a disaster, for what line(s) of defense/action are you currently prepared? You may select more than one answer.
    • We maintain a remote disaster recovery site for redundancy in the event of a disaster.                                                                          53.8%
    • Full system backups are shipped offsite. Getting back up and running may take longer but it’s all our organization requires.    55.6%
    • We have no disaster recovery strategy in place.                                                                                                                                              13.5%
    • Other                                                                                                                                                                  9.9%
  6. Have you ever not been able to go into the office because of a disaster? (By this, we mean a natural disaster or something catastrophic – not a simple inconvenient weather event or short outage.)
    • Yes                  26.1%
    • No                    72.9%
    • I don't know.    0.9%
  7. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, how many days were you out of the office during the last disaster?
    • Less than one week                              21.8%
    • 1 to 2 weeks                                            6.3%
    • 3 to 4 weeks                                            5.2%
    • Longer than one month                          0.6%
    • We had to permanently relocate.            1.1%
    • Not applicable to me                            64.9%
    • Other (please specify)                          0.0%
  8. What disaster have you personally experienced that kept you away from the office? Check as many as apply.
    • Earthquake      4.8%
    • Fire                  4.8%
    • Flood              14.0%
    • Hurricane          15.0%
    • Tornado            6.3%
    • Terrorism          4.8%
    • None                58.5%
    • Other                11.1%
  9. How confident are you that your company could recover in a reasonable amount of time (12 to 18 hours) if a significant disaster were to make your main data center inaccessible?
    • Certain                          17.3%
    • Very confident              28.0%
    • Somewhat confident      24.3%
    • Not at all confident        29.0%
    • I don't know.                1.4%

  10. What is the attitude of senior management (non-IT) about disaster preparedness and response investments?
    Unconcerned. They appear willing to gamble and hope that a disaster never occurs.7.1%
    Low priority. They display some concern for being able to recover from a disaster, but dedicated funding for IT investments is scarce and projects/processes are tackled on an ad-hoc basis.33.3%
    Medium priority. There are dedicated funds for disaster preparedness/response investments, but it’s never quite enough to get all the necessary IT projects green-lighted.28.6%
    High priority. Significant, generous funding exists for disaster preparedness/response investments, and projects are carefully planned and executed.28.6%
    Top priority. Projects are carefully planned, funded and executed, and people/budget resources are plentiful.2.4%
  11. Has your company issued a mobile device to you? Select as many as apply.
    • Yes, a mobile phone (not a “smart phone”)        5.9%
    • Yes, an iPhone                                                  27.3%
    • Yes, a Blackberry                                              14.6%
    • Yes, an Android device                                    20.5%
    • Yes, a Windows mobile device                          1.5%
    • Yes, a tablet                                                    16.1%
    • Yes, a laptop                                                    43.9%
    • No                                                                    15.6%
    • Other                                                                5.4%
  12. What software, if any, do you use for remote access to machines and remote end user support? Select as many as apply.
    • DameWare                                            9.9%
    • GoToMyPC                                          9.4%
    • LogMeIn                                              25.1%
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection  65.0%
    • pcAnywhere                                          6.4%
    • Radmin                                                3.4%
    • TeamViewer                                          15.8%
    • Other (please specify)                          35.5%
  13. Do you currently, or have you ever, used SolarWinds Mobile Admin (formerly by Rove IT)?
    • Yes, I currently use Mobile Admin                                                                                  6.4%
    • Yes, I previously used Mobile Admin                                                                                6.4%
    • No, I don't have the ability to manage and monitor my environment from a mobile

      device                                                                                                                          67.3%

    • No, I have never used Mobile Admin, but I have used another product to monitor my

      environment while mobile.                                                                                              21.3%

  14. Which of the following disaster preparedness and response-friendly technologies have you implemented? Select as many as apply.
    • Company-supported mobile devices                  52.3%
    • IT management application for a mobile device  17.6%
    • Offsite storage/backup                                    71.9%
    • Private cloud                                                  33.2%
    • Public cloud                                                    15.1%
    • Remote management software                          48.2%
    • Server virtualization                                          65.8%
    • VPN                                                              77.9%
    • Patch management                                          42.2%
    • Network configuration and change management  46.2%
    • Server configuration and change management    35.2%
    • None                                                                4.0%
    • Other                                                              1.5%
  15. Which applications have you virtualized or put in the cloud as a disaster preparedness measure? Select as many as apply.
    • Email/Messaging infrastructure                          58.4%
    • Website/e-commerce/public Web presence        47.2%
    • CRM/ERP systems                                          32.0%
    • Web servers for critical online applications          44.2%
    • Database servers (Oracle, MSSQL, etc.)            46.2%
    • None of the above                                            19.8%
    • Other                                                                3.6%
  16. How much of your company data is backed up at an offsite location at least 50 miles away from the main office?
    • 100 percent                  23.1%
    • 80 to 99 percent            18.5%
    • 60 to 79 percent            11.3%
    • 40 to 59 percent            10.8%
    • 20 to 39 percent            6.7%
    • 1 to 19 percent              6.2%
    • 0 percent                      23.6%
  17. About how much of your annual IT budget is invested in high-availability backups and storage?
    • 100 percent                    0.5%
    • 80 to 99 percent            3.1%
    • 60 to 79 percent            4.7%
    • 40 to 59 percent            7.8%
    • 20 to 39 percent            30.1%
    • 1 to 19 percent              45.1%
    • 0 percent                      8.8%
  18. What is your job title?
    • Business Manager, not in IT                  2.5%
    • CIO/CTO/CSO                                      5.1%
    • Database Administrator                          0.5%
    • Help Desk/Tech Support                        4.1%
    • IT Manager                                          18.3%
    • IT Director                                            6.6%
    • LAN/WAN Administrator                        3.0%
    • Network Architect/Admin/Engineer        23.9%
    • Security Admin/Manager                        3.0%
    • Software Programmer                            3.0%
    • Systems Analyst                                  3.6%
    • Systems Administrator                        17.8%
    • Vice President MIS/IT/IS                        1.5%
    • Web Programmer/Developer                  0.0%
    • Not currently employed in IT                  1.0%
    • Other                                                    6.1%
  19. Do you work in the U.S. public sector, which includes state, local, county, education, federal, military, or as a contractor?
    • Yes                              27.6%
    • No                                71.4%
    • It's complicated.              1.0%
  20. In what part of the world do you live?
    • The Americas                          85.8%
    • Asia/Pacific                              6.1%
    • Europe/The Middle East/Africa  9.1%
    • Other (please specify)              0.0%
  21. How big is your company?
    • It’s just me                                2.5%
    • Less than 10 employees            5.1%
    • 11-50 employees                      10.7%
    • 51-100 employees                    11.7%
    • 101-500 employees                  33.5%
    • Over 500 employees                  36.5%
    • I’m not currently employed.        0.0%



And there you have it, all. I believe there were prizes to be had here... so I think Jodi will be posting here soon with those results, too.

Check out the article in Network World here, http://www.networkworld.com/news/2012/091212-solarwinds-262311.html , and our press release on the subject here, http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/solarwinds-network-world-survey-finds-remote-it-access-aids-disaster-response-time-business-nyse-swi-1700964.htm.

See you on the boards,


Hi all,

It has been a while since I reached out and a lot has been going on in the background. I wanted to let everyone know what is happening and generally keep in touch.


Everyone who keeps up with us knows we have a new firewall management solution that fits in rather cozily with our networking solutions. It seemed so incredibly natural for us to have a product for firewalls that I have to admit that, when I heard the announcement, I simply shook my head 'yes' and felt incredibly at ease with it. It just makes sense.


Now, the next phase of thwack will be a bit more intriguing for some of you, and I hope not frustrating for others. We are implementing machine translation for the site. Before anyone tells me how MT is bad and how it is so incredibly rudimentary, understand that we want the community to be international and not segregated. There will be bumps with MT. There may be amusing errors in translations. I would ask that you point those out to me when we go live. But, what I would also point out that there is also no other realistic way to take a living, breathing community and provide international input in real time. We are going to give this a go and I sure hope it is successful. When it is live, there will be flag links at the top left of the page. So far, testing has been rather fun... and, well, challenging. It brings me back to my German classes... Holy Crazy Memories von die Fledermaus.


Soon, you should also see our thwack store rise up... You will be able to redeem points for a variety of cool SolarWinds swag, ranging from buttons to t-shirts to USB keys to beanies to laptop skins. And, so you know, while you will use your points earned on thwack as the means to your swag end, you will not lose your rankings. Rankings are based on lifetime points, so spend those points to your heart's content. Soon.


New spaces, like PatchZone and the The specified item was not found. are in the works. We are serious about giving back to you, our community. We are serious about making the site helpful to you as you go through your day and not a place to only find SolarWinds-specific info. I hope you are enjoying and checking those spaces regularly.


Okay, enough outta me.

See you on the boards,


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