Hi everyone,

It seems that I'm full of the competitions, contests, and the calls to help us out lately. Though, I won't claim that one in Geek Speak as mine, though I had to recreate it.


I guess it's good that you are hearing me call for your participation: it means that thwack is rather stable and I'm not taking away any more features, right? So, our PR folks, who I really dig, are in need of your help. They need a bunch of you to take this survey on data center disaster preparedness. There's a chance to win some cash, some $50 Amazon gift cards, but even more than that, there's a chance to answer some insightful questions that may get you actually thinking to yourself, "Am I prepared? Is there a prepared enough?"


I guess, I'm never sure. I mean, I'm not digging a bunker in the yard or anything, but I still feel like it was only yesterday when I found myself in the selection process for the community platform. And, yes, there are times I've looked myself in the mirror and, all laughter at what I see there aside, thought I could have asked more questions. I could have figured out that one thing that dinged us. I could have thought about the fact that bots would eat our lunch for the first couple months... 20/20 hindsight my friends. I did drag all the vendors over the coals about data center disasters. I mean, RIM had just experienced another service blackout and I had just signed a new 2-year on my Torch.


But, what I would have really liked to have, before I listened to multiple folks wanting me to endorse them, was someone who made me think of the handful of question that might have given us that little bit of foresight to save us from some initial flakiness. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not wavering on my choice and I sure as heck am not disappointed. But, had I had the opportunity to take a quiz or survey that helped me figure if I'd left out some points, missed a couple questions, I would have been all over it. Anything that would make me think of the unexplored dark corners would have been helpful. Something that made me think again, evaluate my own needs... Who knows, maybe I could have reclaimed a couple hours of sleep.


Anyway, as usual, I digress. Please check out this survey from Network World and SolarWinds. If you could fill it out before Friday, that would be stellar. Oh, and here's their copy...


Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, power surges. There are plenty of disasters that can derail your data center operations. How do you prepare for the worst? Do you have a disaster preparedness and response plan in place? How confident are you that your company could recover if a significant disaster were to make your main data center inaccessible? Please take our confidential survey and let us know.

Network World and SolarWinds want to learn more about how folks in IT are dealing with business continuity and disaster recovery. Our survey takes about five minutes to complete, and it's confidential. SolarWinds is also giving away five $50 Amazon gift cards, chosen at random from those who complete the survey.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

The results will be the subject of a Network World article publishing shortly afterward.

Thank you all...

See you on the boards,