Hey all,


So this is it, our final week. I know you have more stories out there. I know you've seen it all. We've got a touch over 30 folks engaged in the contest and some of those are employees, they can't win. I sure hope they know that. I suppose publicly calling them out on that for the first time would be a touch harsh... oops. Anyway, your odds are pretty dang good, way better than your betting odds in roulette. You even have a better chance than other types of roulette, and your prize is way less grim and much more enjoyable.


As I tangent off on the unduly harsh... Why are people voting others down? Let's not. Please only vote up or ignore a story you don't like. Voting down someone's story doesn't really tell us anything other than you don't want that person to win, kinda lame. Useful in product feature spaces, not so much here. On the other hand, if you want to get other folks to vote you up, let your friends know they can join thwack at the rock bottom price of free and ...


And, don't forget to check out our enhanced product feature request pages, where you can vote on product ideas and know your voice is being heard by our product management team.


Submissions close Friday, logically... but you have until August 3rd to get your peeps to check out the site and vote. Submissions after July 27th will be enjoyed but not considered for the contest.


And, well, because this is a community and it isn't all about us... there are some other places holding events and contests for SysAdmin Appreciation Day. Go ahead and check out our partners over at Dell Kace.


For a more comprehensive list, check out the LOPSA website.


See you on the boards,


You know, as I typed that, it is the first time I bet against ornithologists and/or zoologists finding an extinct species. It really doesn't feel right. And, I'm sure, it won't feel right to many of you to that we are having to do away with private messaging.



I'm afraid we were unaware that private messaging was not going to move forward on our current platform when we turned it on. So, we offered you something and are now in the uncomfortable position of taking it away. But, you can still send private messages. They just aren't called private messages. They are called Direct Messages. A Direct Message looks a lot like a discussion. You lose the email look and feel, but none of the privacy. Direct Messages stay between you and the recipient/sender.


There are many ways to direct message someone. I found 3 on the site pretty quickly and listed them below.



Direct Message Location 1

If you are engaged in a discussion with them, simply hover over their name/handle and you'll see the option to Direct Message them, as illustrated here:



Direct Message Location 2

From your Communications stream, you'll find the Direct Message button to the right:



Direct Message Location 3

You'll also find the DM capability on the Friends tab of your profile (click your name at the top right of any thwack window):


Click the lower right of the tile, and then click Send Message:


Sending a Direct Message (DM'ing Someone)

When you decide to DM someone, it is as easy as searching. Easier, actually, you don't have to filter the To: field to people. Start typing the name of the person you want to DM,and the list will populate. Click the person or persons you want to DM. If you selected a friend from your profile, this is already done for you.


Type your message in the Message field.


That's it. You can attach images using the screen button or link to content using the @ button.


I know it is difficult to have something you're used to go away, and I apologize for that. But, DM'ing one another is more prevalent on the site and works the same. Explore and send me your feedback... heck, DM me.

We will disable the private message functionality, in all likelihood, by the end of July.


See you on the boards,



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