I am not a proponent of the Hallmark holiday. Bosses do not need Boss's day. Sweetest day was an evil plot between the florists, the jewelers, and the greeting card companies. But, there is one non-traditional holiday I embrace... Jonathan Coulton mp3s blasting in my office, I pray to the holy cat 5, now cat 5e ... it now goes to 11 or 6 or 7. I braise the meat of the calf, offer the fat to the gods, and howl the praise of the system administrator.


You might be called the network dude or dudette. You are the speed dial for every sales person when their CMR goes down. When the SAAS hits the fan, you are there to troubleshoot, open the pipes, and close the quarter. You are there when the YouTube requests are causing order entry lag; you throttle the excess and fulfill the need. You watch as the DB hits fill the queue to overflowing; you see the email bounces threaten Exchange; you are there just before Tomcat uses the box and your LAMP server passes out.  You are always there. You quietly and gracefully prop it all back up.


Look, without you, the internet really is down. You know who you are. You are on the other end of that call downstairs. "Hey <myNameHere>, I might have only just looked your name up in the GAL, but I'm your buddy now. The internet is down." You made sure that person could use the GAL. If they used the acronym, you taught it to them. And you, you are my companions on the other side of that call...


"You're who?" We ask.


And then, the answers are legion. Because, really, no one knows how the black box in front of them talks to the world. They don't know how that box talks through the air and makes the magic happen, but they sure know when it stops.They know when the VoIP phone experiences flutter and latency. They know lag on Skype and Lync and GoToMeeting. They know when the email that will secure the quarter is stuck in their outbox.


Brothers and Sisters, SysAdmin Day is coming... and let us run wild in the streets. Let us praise one another. Let us share the stories of overflowing network closets without AC, of that real instance of the DVD burner used as a coffee cup holder, of the magnet laden PC case with HD failure... fancy that.


Bring us your stories. Let the fun begin. Let the laughter be shared. Let the horror be soothed with mirth... Contests & Missions ... Bring it.


Greetings everyone,

One of the new features provided by our platform is the ability to reply to an email notification about a discussion and have your reply show up in the discussion. Whether you like this or not is probably a different discussion... one you might find answers to here: You have every right to prefer not to...

In any case, please be careful when replying.

There are two things we are seeing rather frequently when you take advantage of this functionality.


  • If your email program/client includes the previous replies, so will your reply to the thread. This makes for some crazy monster threads after a while, to the point that DanielleH sometimes has to edit your post to chop them out. It also makes it difficult to read the post when you are reading a reply and then lapse back into all the previous conversations before you see if there is a newer reply.

  • If your email signature contains personal contact information you don't want on the boards, edit it out. This is one of the more concerning issues around the reply by email function. Danielle will always edit this material out, when she sees it. We do not want you to reveal more than you should on the boards. Please remember, you need to log in to post or download (and in the future, to vote... oops, let that slip), but you do not need to log in to view the discussions.

Again, maybe I'm paranoid, but I like to think of myself as just looking out for other folks' paranoia. Heck, you can find my contact info on here rather quickly... but, that's my job. I don't think you want vendors calling you the way they call me.


See you on the boards,


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