Hi all,

While I'm sure that Bartleby the Scrivener might not be everyone's favorite Melville, it still makes me smile whenever I hear anyone "prefer not to."

With that in mind, I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of their ability to prefer not to receive email from the community. I do know that a number of people had requested a digest-type email from thwack, but I've also seen a few responses to the digests asking to be removed. So, with those who prefer not to in mind, I'd like to introduce you to your email preferences.


To get to your preferences, locate the down arrow next to your name at the top right of the thwack community:



On your preferences window, you can opt out of numerous email alerts.

So you prefer not to receive weekly summaries? Click Never next to People, places and content I'm following (Followed Activity).

Rather not be notified when someone @mentions you? Turn it off by clicking Off next to Direct social actions (@mentions, shares and direct messages).

Don't forget to save your preferences.


The community does not want to send you mail you don't want. Please feel free to limit email interactions to only those desired.


Thanks all.


See you on the boards,



Get Social

Posted by MTorok May 16, 2012

Social groups... what's the point? Well, a social group allows you to create and invite people to engage in a conversation that is bigger than a discussion and that we at SolarWinds maybe haven't found a space for yet. You can request the creation of a social group by direct messaging either Danielle (DanielleH) or myself (MTorok), but there is a catch.

  1. You need to stay engaged and monitor your social group.
  2. You cannot use a social group to dodge the spirit of thwack. This is an IT site designed for and engaged in the IT community. No selling, no advertising, no strangeness (okay, that is open for debate, but no wildly off-topic strangeness)
  3. Keep the group moving. If there is little to no posting in a group, we'll shutter it. Nobody wants a stagnant pool in their community.
  4. Social groups allow you to create polls, have targeted discussions that make sense for the group, create documents focused on the concerns of the group, and generally use it as a virtual user group.
  5. You do not have to be a SolarWinds customer, but you do need to be a member of thwack and adhere to the Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct.


Got a project you are looking for ideas about or help with? Why not pose it in a group and see what your colleagues are doing in a similar situation? You might even submit a document with open collaboration for a number of interested parties to work on together. Trying to roll out a new network fabric design? Wonder if anyone else has architected something similar? Why not tap the resources here and see if together you might create something you can use now and others can use now or later?


  • Want to talk with other folks about DISA STIG requirements and how to comply? Check out our Federal and Government group.
  • Want to talk with your colleagues about build, base image, and rollout of complex high power desktops for a graphic design group in your org? We don't have a space for that right now... but we could get you a group.
  • Want to talk about IPv6 complexities... we'll probably ask you to post out in the General Network Management forum. If it gets wildly popular and you start architecting solutions, we'll be happy to get you a group and transfer your discussion, documents, and anything else.


We want you to work together. We want to help where we can. We want you to succeed. Use the platform and get your answers...we will give you the space.


As a touch of incentive, we'll grant up to 100 points to the creator of a social group, 5 points a post, for the first month.


See you on the boards,


Hi everyone...

I love the Knights of Camelot though I'm not as keen on their favorite meal (at least according to Monty Python)... well, actually, I've done my time on potted meat and it left me no worse for wear. I think it was called college. So, who am I to speak poorly of that delightful portmanteau of spiced ham? But, those annoying purveyors of unsolicited real estate advice, movie deals that are a steal -- quite literally, and pharmaceuticals ranging from the legal to the somewhat legal to the downright illegal, never mind the bizarre attempt to date our community, these annoyances are still very real within our community.


Recently we've seen people abuse the ability to create documents on the site and a user who reached out to a number of our members through the direct messaging system. Please do us all a favor. If you see something abusive, off topic, rude, over-the-top, or too good to be true... or even one of those interesting novelesque story excerpts with the links imbedded to download movies, please flag it.


In a discussion (forums) and on documents, you can flag a post using the Report abuse option in the ACTIONS widget.

When you report a posting as abuse, it is immediately sent to moderation and removed from general consumption on the boards.


If you receive a direct message from a spammer, please forward it to either DanielleH or me (MTorok). We will delete the user and their content.




We have a very active and vibrant community. Please understand that attracting this activity is part of the cost of having a good place to share knowledge. As my mom used to say, "the more popular you are, the more the jerks want to tear you down, ride your coattails, or get in your business." Of course, I think she might have been talking to my older brother about me, but it fits here, too.


On another note, has anyone seen Spamalot? Is it good? Can I take my 10 year old... remember, I took him to Young Frankenstein; he liked it; and, I didn't have to hear him repeat the language... yet.



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