One of the many cool new features on the site is the ability to collaborate on documents. I'm writing about this today and thanking mdriskell, because he saved me having to deal with someone having a laugh on me and editing our Terms of Use or the Code of Conduct. There are so many new options available, I sure hope you are exploring and keeping the new features in mind for future use or using them already.

I digress...

When you create a document, remember to set the Manage collaboration setting.

If you want others to be able to version and update your doc, much like a wiki, select Anyone or Specific People (and then select the people you want to allow to collaborate on your doc).

In the case of the Code of Conduct ...well, I picked Just You, that is, just me.


Again, enjoy the community, enjoy the ability to collaborate, enjoy your interactions, and respect one another.

Thank you,