Greetings everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend.

As you all know, we've been hard at work transitioning and running migration tests for thwack. I thought I would write a bit about how that is going and where we are and what you can expect to see this weekend and Monday. If all goes well, it is the weekend of change.

Some of you actually know this incarnation of thwack:

You remember, we were cool, dark, edgy, stayed up too late, smoked too much and got in trouble with our parents for looking way too much like a hacker site while you were browsing us.


Then we started feeling better about ourselves and it showed. We cleaned up, put on some nicer clothes... got respectable...


After a number of years of looking clean cut... we started to look a little dated. Cool hipster before it was cool to be a hipster.

So, we're keeping the cool and changing again.

We are creating Spaces in our new community. In a Space, you will find all the discussions, the content, and the blogs related to the focus of the space. So, in the Network Performance Manager space, you will find the blogs, the discussions (including the feature requests), and the content you want. You will be able to "like" content/requests/discussion. You will be able to follow content, so that you are notified in the community and/or via email when updates occur. You will find a community focused on you and organized around the broadening focus. You will find large lobbies, like Network Management, that contain not only products but general industry discussion. Our Ambassadors will continue to post thought-provoking content in these location, as will our employees, and, we hope, so will you.

It is coming and I look forward to your comments and feedback. It may be a bit of a choppy ride at first... change can be difficult to navigate. But, I am confident you will find the payoff at the end well worth it.

I'm asking you to row with me. Rowing a boat with company can be highly enjoyable and very efficient. On the other hand, if your fellow shipmate would rather let their oar drag in the water and fight your attempt to paddle in a direction safe from oncoming boats, well... nothing good comes from that.

See you on the boards,