Password change cometh…

Posted by MTorok Feb 27, 2012

Morning everyone and evening to those to whom it applies, a new week begins. We are frantically working on the new community, getting everything designed and trying to make sure everything you use every day or every week can be found quickly and easily. Though we're excited about the new look (you can see our new logo on our twitter account, @thwack), we want to make sure you don't lose any of the reasons you come to the site today. We want to grow those reasons.

As we migrate all the posts and data from the current incarnation of thwack, we will not be able to capture and transfer your passwords. You'll notice a request for you to update your email address in the site-wide announcements. When we move to the new platform, your email address will be used as your point of contact to reset your password. At first, I have to admit I was a touch annoyed by the impact this will have on the community, on you. But, when I really think about it, it strikes me as a very good thing. These are your passwords. If they were easily cracked during our migration, I really wouldn't feel good about it.

I understand that there is very little shared on our site that needs to be private. But, I still think the notion of your account being yours and your password being your token into your space in your community is one we should value. Your identity in the community, your interactions, your communications should be protected. While I understand more and more of our lives are being lived online, retaining some privacy, some aspect of what's-mine-is-mine makes me rather happy.

I digress... Please update your email addresses in your profiles. While password reset may be annoying and inconvenient, remember we don't have your cipher, we can't speak your shibboleth, we are only the gate, not the lock. I'd really like to know, though, now that I breached the topic: How do you feel about web privacy? How do you feel about search providers retaining search histories and retail stores knowing how to market to your mailbox based on what you search on their site?

See you on the boards,


Hey everyone, I hope you are looking forward to a productive week. I'm not going to wax poetic over Valentines or anything else this week. I just don't see the point. What I do want to point out is that we have a new badge and a new reason to celebrate the chocolaty goodness that is thwack. Our man bobross, with his happy little icon, palette knife in hand, has carved out a new place in the thwack-u-verse. He is our first script guru and well-deserving of the title. Check out the way he paints a path through the snow-covered trees and guides folks to script safety here: Re: Need help with monitoring file age whent he filename is based on date.

On a more housekeeping note, we have a published Code of Conduct for the site. I'm incredibly happy to say that I wrote it because I was checking boxes... dotting is and crossing ts, as it were. I was not asked, and we did not see a spike in negative activity. I thought it was time, especially in light of our moving to a new platform, and had a little fun with it. It did take a couple weeks to get the lawyers to bless it, so it's a good thing it wasn't pressing. Please check it out; you are accountable, as it were: codeCode of Conduct.

Please join me in welcoming our latest Ambassador, derekschauland (derekshauland and @webjunkie), to the boards. He is posting in the General Cloud, Virtualization, & Storage forums, and his Welcome to Thwack Storage – What are you working on? has been viewed like crazy. Come check him out and get the conversations started on his speed post: How Much is too much, and can it ever be too fast?

Remember, we're still looking for Send us your love notes!.... Tell us your APM (SAM) stories; tell us your SeUM stories; give us love and be prepared for a Yeti hug of wonder. You can wax poetic here Re: Oh, APM (now SAM!) How You Have Changed My Life......

Oh, and come follow us on twitter for links to cool posts and info: @thwack.

I guess a heck of a lot has been going on... *grin*

See you on the boards,


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