“What you got to be thankful for?” …yes, I think it would be great to say in a Billy Crystal Miracle Max voice. Be it at school or at the dinner table around the great feast, it seems to be the question of the month. I can’t imagine, and maybe this is because I’m a jerk, but I can’t imagine easily throwing out a “thing-a-day” on Facebook. When it comes down to it, I’m thankful for the things that change my life, good or bad, and leave an impression.

So, I’m thankful for my son. I’m thankful for my job. I’m thankful for the challenges presented to me in trying to foster an interactive and enjoyable community for SolarWinds. In that light, I am once again thankful for the MVPs who took time out of their days and spent time looking at wireframes of the new community. I’m thankful for your honesty and your desire to make the community a better place for everyone, both new to the site and experts like yourselves. I’m looking forward to inviting a lot more people to beta the new site next quarter. If you are interested and we don’t make it an open beta, send me your info so that I know who to reach out to when we are ready.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving feast this week. And, if you are unfamiliar with the holiday, it is a time when the people of North America (mainly) take time to celebrate the many good things we have and that are provided for us. And, since I’m in Texas, I missed the Canadian holiday in October. Happy belated Thanksgiving to our northern neighbors… I’m thankful for those spur of the moment road trips to you from Ohio. I digress… Thanksgiving is a celebration of harvest and abundance. It is a time reserved for family, celebration, and reflection.

So, I am thankful for networks, for virtualization, for storage arrays, for complex applications, and for compliance needs. These leaps in technology and communication, and the complexities introduced by them, provide for my family. What are you thankful for?