Greetings all,

We are bringing back something I think has been long absent from our community. We used to have a rather vibrant advocacy forum: Spread the Word. This forum is back. Please help me breathe life into it again.

What is Spread the Word? Well, we want your stories. We want to hear why you chose SolarWinds products over other products in the space. We want to know what you think is cool about our products. We want to hear of your successes using the products. We want to hear what we did right and where we could still use some tweaks.

Answer these questions in your post and we will hook you up with some SolarWinds SWAG:

1.      What problem is the product you chose solving for you today?

2.      What were you using before? Please include the vendor and the product name in your post, if we replaced something else.

3.      When it came down to the final decision, why did you choose the SolarWinds product?


If you'd like to get your hands on a SolarWinds T-shirt, we could use your help in providing a case study or a public reference. These require a 20 minute chat with one of our PR team members or a reporter that we get you in touch with... so, they are a bit more involved than a post. If you are interested, we'd love to hear from you. Private message (PM) me on thwack and I will pass along contact info to our PR folks.

If you have a moment, help us get this program back up on its feet. Give us the same feedback we love to hear at the shows. Come visit us and tell us your story at Spread the Word.