Welcome Our New MVPs

Posted by MTorok Oct 24, 2011

As I've written before, I'm a huge proponent of the assist and those who assist (What is an MVP?). Lately, I have had the opportunity to reach out to the many departments that interact with our members and gather suggestions for our MVP group.

Before I announce the new MVPs, I would like to take my hat off to the current MVPs. They have carried the name well and helped us in many ways. Every group of MVPs teaches us more and more about our products, who uses them, why, and how. But, even more so, MVPs help us continue to build software that helps the engineer do their job more quickly and struggle less. I cannot thank our previous MVPs enough.

Thank you all:


I hope you will all continue to be voices of knowledge and support in the thwack landscape. I have a feeling you will, as it was your actions before becoming MVPs that made you candidates. Thank you.

I am happy to announce that the following community members have agreed to carry the MVP moniker and step into the shoes of our previous MVPs.

Please join me in welcoming the following members as MVPs:


Thank you again for standing out on the pitch and being stars in our community.


Always your voice,



What is an MVP?

Posted by MTorok Oct 12, 2011

So, I admit it, I am not a big football fan. The Red River Rivalry comes and goes here at SolarWinds and is marked with a flurry of emailed goading, good-natured, of course. The company, for those of you who don’t know, was founded in Oklahoma and moved to Austin about 5 years ago. I could adopt the Longhorns, my son has, but I’m rather glad I didn’t this year. I suppose my nonchalance comes from going to unremarkable football colleges. Kent State is not really known for its prowess on the field, nor do I remember the Ragin’ Cajuns whipping up a frothing crowd… a frothing daiquiri at the drive-through or the tailgate, maybe.  Then again, maybe it is just confusion. I was raised by an eastern European who called soccer "football" for most of my younger years. I like soccer. I worked at a company where World Cup matches were the reason we opened our firewall at one point. I get it. I get hockey, rugby, and lacrosse, too.

Anyway, my personal affiliation with any sport isn’t really the point. I’m a fan of the assist. I played left halfback long ago in the youth league of my hometown. The importance of being able to take a defensive position and turn it around, to be able to face an offender and reverse a game, the ability to find your place among the fullbacks when defense is the way to go… this chameleon-like role and personality is a green field for MVPs, in my opinion. You don’t always get to shoot on goal. You don’t always block the shot. You set up other players. You assist.

I have spent a good chunk of time looking for you over the last few weeks, and I think I’ve found some great candidates.

Like the rest of SolarWinds, the community is growing and changing and becoming more faceted. We have a fantastic team of players whose knowledge spans numerous IT management spaces. I am reaching out to community players from across the board to play in a number of positions, both veterans on the pitch and newer members who show great promise at playing for the community.

Something I want to point out about what I just wrote – MVPs play for the community. You provide feedback on betas and release candidates; you help with UI and Ux testing for new features; you provide content in the content exchange; you post solutions; you pose questions; you provide insight from the field and tell us how to better create and update products you want to use. You tell us whether the ball is over inflated or soft. You are on the pitch, rain or shine, and you help keep us all in the game. We trust you.

I am reaching out to a variety of players and have high hopes we’ll get positive responses. Some of these members have been more active as beta testers or respond to UI walk-through requests. They may not be avid posters. I am looking and will continue to look for people that help in every aspect of our community and in every focus area we manage: storage, logs and events, systems and servers, applications, virtualization, and networks. To be sure, we never want to blur the vision and precision found in our network management channels. What we do want to do is provide that same focus and growth and commentary and activity in our other channels.

The next time I’m looking for MVPs, I will be more active in asking the community for recommendations. Heck, by that time, I’ll probably be able to pull a cool survey together with ranking and the whole deal. And, no, surveys will not usurp search in our ongoing platform selection. On a side note, Peyton Hillis didn’t play why?


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