Weekly Update 11/23/09

Posted by Dawn_L Nov 23, 2009

Are you New to Networking?

See the latest of the our New to Networking Series: Vol 3 - New to Networking Volume 3 - NetFlow Basics and Deployment Strategies

What does your NPM home screen look like?

See what others see (on their home screen) on this Post your Solar Winds home page... and share yours!

Our first SCP in Costa Rica!

Congrats to Fabian M Alfaro Monge, our first SCP in Costa Rica!   Are you an SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP)?  If not...  get started here!

Weekly Update 11/13/09

Posted by Dawn_L Nov 13, 2009

5. Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

New Forum Pages

You might have noticed the newly released Forum home page.  Hope you like the new design and navigation!  If you have suggestions or comments, let us know in the SolarWinds --> thwack feedback board!


Upcoming Webinar

Join Josh on November 19th for the upcoming webinar: QOS Part 2

Josh will cover:

1.  Quick refresher on QoS

2.  Traffic shaping

3.  Scheduling and Queuing Algorithms

4.  Congestion Avoidance

5.  Cisco’s Class Based Quality of Service or CBQoS

    Tips and Tidbits

    Have you seen the latest of our tips and tidbits? If you want to add "Poll Now" resource to NPM node views or check your IOS level or export and import advanced alerts then check out the great new tips!


    New to Networking

    Be sure not to miss the latest in our new to networking series:  New to Networking Volume 3 - NetFlow Basics and Deployment Strategies


    Orion Blog

    Orion Integration with Engineer's Toolset

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