Weekly Update 9/29

Posted by Dawn_L Sep 29, 2009

Meet IP SLA Manager (VoIP's big brother)

SolarWinds has officially released IP SLA Manager, formerly know as VoIP Monitor.  This release includes new IP SLA operations to compliment the existing VoIP functionality in the product.  If you're an existing VoIP customer, simply download and install the version in your portal over your existing VoIP installation, and apply the new license key. If you're a new customer, download and install the Evaluation version and try it free for 30 days.  Below is a complete list of the operations supported in IP SLA Manager.  Let us know what you think!
• HTTP – Measure the round-trip time to access a Web page
• FTP – Measure the round-trip time to transfer a file
• DNS – Measure the DNS look-up time (time to request and receive a reply)
• DHCP – Measure the round-trip time to retrieve an IP address
• TCP Connect – Measure connection time, which is useful for application and server monitoring
• UDP Jitter – Measure round-trip delay, one-way delay, one-way jitter, and one-way packet loss
• VoIP UDP Jitter – Measure VoIP call path metrics
• ICMP Echo – Measure round-trip delay
• UDP Echo – Measure response times between IP SLA nodes using IP


The Orion IP Address Manager v1.5 has officially launched! 


To learn more about the new Preventative Alerting and DHCP Scope Monitoring and other highlights of this release look at the release notes.

Weekly Update 9/03/09

Posted by Dawn_L Sep 3, 2009

Vote for Thwack

Thwack has been nominated for a website award!  Go here to see our full nomination or to vote for thwack.

Congrats on the new SCPs

Matthew in the UK.

Mike in the US.

maak in the Netherlands.

and eliortizl in Mexico.

Special Thanks to ECornwell

ECornwell has been giving so much help to so many!  Thanks ecornwell

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