Weekly Update 8/14

Posted by Dawn_L Aug 14, 2009


APM 3.0 is here!  Take a look at the direct integration with the thwack content exchange!  Saves you time and money!  For other recent product updates,check here.

New to Networking and Network Management?

If you are fairly new to the industry and done a few web searches, you have probably found the wealth of information about networking  available out there. Some information is recent, some is old, some is very detailed and some very high-level. It can be difficult to find the basics without having to go out and purchase a book that insults your intelligence right in the title! We have started a New to Networking series of papers aimed at boiling down the information to something that is to the point, useful and easy to understand. Check out WMI and Application Monitoring Basics.

SCP in China!

Congrats to our first Chinese SCP Adam Zhou (wuhanzhou)!

New Free Tool

Posted by Dawn_L Aug 4, 2009

WMI Monitor

All you free tool fans will be excited to know there is a new free tool out!  Go download the new WMI Monitor!  Make quick and easy work of setting up WMI monitoring for your Windows servers! 

Does SolarWinds get your vote?

The 2009 Community Choice Awards (CCA), presented by Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine  allow users to decide what IT products should get the glory!  They want to hear from the folks who really know what works, the IT pros, DBAs, and developers…  So, please take a moment to nominate SolarWinds for the Best Network Management Product here (http://windowsitpro.com/awards/CommunityChoice.html)…  And here’s a hint, you have to clink the “next” link to get the Network Management category.

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