Weekly Update 6/25/09

Posted by Dawn_L Jun 25, 2009

Certification is here!

I know we have been teasing you forever, well the wait is over!  Congrats to the Beta participants that are now SolarWinds Certified Professionals!  For info on what the test covers, links to study materials and info on taking the test visit the SCP pages.

Going to Cisco Live?

Are you going to Cisco Live next week?  We are, and we would love to talk with you!  Come by booth #931 and see us.

Upcoming Technical Workshop!

Josh is hosting a technical workshop at the Hyatt Dulles on July 15th.  If you are in the D.C. area, come join us!  Register here.

Josh Says:

If you missed the recent blog posts on "Raising the visibility of IT and Network Operations" and "Understanding NetFlow and its role in traffic analysis and as a transport protocol" then take a look!

Weekly Update 6/16/09

Posted by Dawn_L Jun 16, 2009

New Webinar: Hidden Secrets of IOS

Josh is excited to welcome Cisco Geek Jimmy Ray Purcer for a discussion about the benefits of using IP SLA, NetFlow, and EnergyWise as part of your daily network management tactics.  Register Now!

IPAM Changes

In response to your feedback, we have released an update to Orion IPAM which will no longer count unused/available IPs as managed IPs.  For more information see the release notes.

Good things come in 3s.

If you missed it, see the "Three New Orion Products" Newsletter.

Toolset 10

Josh discusses Toolset 10 in Killer dude, like, totally awesome...

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