Weekly Update 2/24/09

Posted by Dawn_L Feb 24, 2009

Orion APM v2.5 is here!

We are excited to share the new version of APM out this week.  So what's new with version 2.5?  The new step-by-step wizard that makes it fast and easy to gain visibility into the performance of your applications and servers. In addition, we’ve added loads of new out-of-the-box application monitoring templates and made it even easier to download more monitoring templates from Thwack. What are you waiting for?

Josh Pontificates on Traffic:

No, not network traffic, he means highway traffic and bad drivers.  Understanding Traffic Flows and Common Causes of Congestion into Josh's psyche.

If you missed the new IP SLA free tool:

We have had overwhelming interest in the new free tool:  IP SLA Monitor Free Tool!  Have you played with it?  Josh shares how to analyze performance between sites with Cisco IP SLA and how it works with Orion in these videos

Weekly Update 2/13/09

Posted by Dawn_L Feb 13, 2009

New Free Tool!

This week we launched the new IP SLA Monitor Free Tool!  Josh shares how to analyze performance between sites with Cisco IP SLA and how it works with Orion in these videos

Orion NetFlow v3.1

Click here to see this and other product updates.

Do you know?

What are the differences between an Ethernet cross-over cable and a Cisco console cable?  Find out this and other The importance of fundamentals... in Josh's recent blog post. 

SolarWinds MVP Award

Posted by Dawn_L Feb 3, 2009

The SolarWinds MVP Award is given by SolarWinds to Community Members who demonstrate their product expertise, have high participation on Thwack and other online or offline technical communities, and readily share their technical knowledge with others in the IT industry.  This diverse group of community members includes experts that cross products, company size, networking complexity and skill sets, but the tie that binds them is their dedication to sharing their expertise with the SolarWinds Community. 

 Award Benefits

MVPs:  What's in it for me?  The SolarWinds MVP Award includes an actual physical award, industry recognition as a SolarWinds MVP, and optional participation in:

  • Early access to products
  • MVP Only area on Thwack
  • Periodic strategic briefings with product managers and development

SolarWinds:  SolarWinds is proud to have a dedicated group of community members to help others, provide feedback, and author community content here on Thwack.  We are excited to recognize the outstanding contributions of these community members with our SolarWinds MVP Award. 

SolarWinds MVP Term:

MVP Award recipients are selected at least once a year by SolarWinds staff and the duration of the award is 12 months from the initial offer award.

Nomination Process:

It all starts with a nomination.  Nominations are accepted all year and can be submitted by community members, SolarWinds staff, previous MVPs and Customers.  The nominees will go through a thorough review including participation level, demonstrated technical expertise, and level of commitment to the community.  Existing MVPs can be re-nominated for additional terms, but must meet the same high standards of participation, technical knowledge and community assistance.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please complete the following form and send it to the thwack.support@thwack.com mailbox. 

2009 Award Winners:

 To see the list of 2008 award winners, see the Who's Who page.  

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