• VMAN Report Question

    When I export attribute datastore.freespace  to a report from Vman it gives the result in bytes.  Is there a way to get the result in GB or TB instead of bytes?
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  • Virtualization Manager Question

    I'm working on the MDM EBX5 design project and was wondering if we have a way to charge back business units.  In the past we have become hampered by resources and when we investigated there were numerous VM’...
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  • Update VMAM and error license

    How to active license Vcenter 6.3   Becouse I can to integrat and show error when I try, and to make update, in apliance      
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  • GNS3 integration with solarwinds tools?

    is it possible to integrate GNS3 with any of the solawinds tools, so that we can get syslog alerts from GNS3 devices.
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  • Cisco virtual router automatic node addition to monitoring

    Hi All, please I need help with how to set up monitoring of a Cisco virtual router monitoring where the Cisco virtual router is sending an SNMP trap to Solarwinds. Based on this trap then Solarwinds will automatic...
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  • Adding Fortinet Fortigate manager to monitoring on Solarwinds

    Hi All, please i need help with how to set up monitoring of a addition of a fortimanager to monitoring on Solarwinds FortiManager is used to manage FortiGates. We need Solarwinds to tell when a new device FortiGate i...
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  • Backup tools monitoring

    hi   How can monitor backup tools like veritas functions, backup completion or failure by NMS ? Solar has these features? which module?
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  • Help with Adding snmpv3 brocade switch to Solarwinds

    We have two new Brocade 6510 running Fabric v7.4.1e and a fairly new Solarwinds installation. We are trying to setup snmpv3 between the two but are unsuccessful. We followed the procedure found here to setup snmpv3 on...
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  • Solarwinds Multiple Reports are Empty

    I have tried running mutliple reports and the results are empty.   For example, when I ran the VM report for VM's with Snapshots it gave me a blank report even though I have mutliple vm's with snapshots.   ...
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  • vcenter appliance node show incorrect memory utilization

    Hi I have three vcenter appliance node in SolarWind and all of them show 100 Percent memory load which is not true.   Have anyone here added vcenter appliance to solarwind and have this issues ?
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    created by archdragoon
  • Websites with JWT authentication

    Hello,   I would like to know if it is possible to connect to a website using JSON Web Token and to get some metrics to display graphs. My need is to be able to monitor DCOS (container application) through the ...
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  • EMC Legato Networker backups & Solarwinds

    Hi Team,     I am new in Solarwinds product Orion and I have a question about some features that my client needs.   He has NCM 7.4, IVIM 2.1.2, NetPath 1.0, NPM 12.0, QoE 2.1.0, NTA 4.1.1 from Solarwi...
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  • Hardware Monitoring - Nano Server

    I am considering moving my Hyper V hosts to Server 16 Nano. The are all using various Dell servers.   My question is this.  Since I cannot install the Dell Openmanage software, how do i monitor the Dell Har...
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  • Multiple Alert threshold  templates in single SAM

    We have single SAM server to manage production and non-production systems.  Is there any way where we can configure different thresholds for CPU and Memory for prod/non-prod systems.  Currently one global th...
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  • How to clear old notificatoin from Virtual Manager 7.0

    I am unable to clear old notifications, for example Stale VMs i had 32, but now all active but it still shows those VMs in stale. why? how can i clear old notifications?   Also what is meant by 'alert status is ...
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  • Migrating NPM/NCM to Amazon Cloud

    Hi, our company is moving our on-premise private cloud (systems/services) to AWS. I have been asked to look into moving our Solarwinds deployment (NPM, NCM, IPAM and Netflow Analyzer) to AWS (EC2 instance) along with ...
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  • Monitoring of Cloud Resources

    What are you currently doing in your environment to monitor Cloud and/or Container based resources?
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    created by billyjbryant
  • SNMPv3 Configuration on Network Storage Devices

    Hey Everyone!   I have a question that hopefully someone can either answer or help out with.  We have a handful of NexSANs as well as Nimble storage arrays.  I'm not too familiar with storage arrays, ...
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  • Predicted Datastore Space Depletion

    How do I add this dashboard view to an report? I would like to pull the report on the Report section.
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  • Set Dameware Mini Remote Control to fullscreen?

    Hey everybody,   Not sure where exactly I should post this, as this is my first time on this site, and still learning my way around.  Anyways, my company uses Dameware for various reasons, and one thing tha...
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