• Orion in Azure?

    I am trying to setup a SolarWinds NPM in the cloud and I want to use Azure for the Windows server and the cloud based SQL as a service. I have NPM installed in the server and a SQL database running in an Azure cloud d...
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  • Orion in the Cloud

    Is there a way to put my solarwinds environment in the cloud or is there a separate sw packaged needed to be purchased? Like most areas we have cloud ops and internal ops. I would like to still keep access to my cisco...
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  • Dynamics 365 & on prem infrastructure monitoring

    Hi,   We are experiencing significant performance problems on our Dynamics 365 platform and as such I'm looking for a monitoring tool to pin point where the issues lie.   To cut through sales pitches, I th...
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  • Alert for VM snapshot using 50% of disk

    I'd like to build an alert that fires when a VM snapshot is using 50% of the original disk. Anyone know how to accomplish this?
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  • Setting Tabs for All Users In A Company

    Tabs have been set for our Salesforce Team users however, I cannot figure out how to set those tabs to automatically show when logging in without having to tell users to re-add those tabs. I noticed when Sales Force c...
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  • VMAN - Hyper-V Clusters confusion

    Hi,   I've recently installed the VMAN module and am slowly finding my way around it. One thing i don't understand is how it knows about my Hyper-V clusters. It has recognised 3 of the 6 clusters. Do i need to c...
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  • Vcenter Status, Managed Node and VCenter Details are unknown in SAM/NPM

    Hi   We are running SAM 6.3.0 and NPM 12.0.1 I have added the Vcenters in solarwinds for monitoring. Some of them are working fine and I am able to see the ESXI Hosts as a tree but for some Servers it is showi...
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  • HP Shared ArcSight Source Code

    The article highlights that ArcSight is used by the Pentagon to protect classified networks, but the security risks are much broader. Any weaknesses the Russians discover could be used against any ArcSight customer. W...
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  • Discovered VMs through VMAN 8.0

    Hello,      I absolutely love the fact I can add a single VCSA server to Solarwinds and it discovers all of its hosts and VMs on those hosts. The problem I am running into now is that it monitors ...
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    created by jaf
  • NPM 12.2

    I need assistance finding the link to begin monitoring AWS with NPM. I go to my dashboard and them home, but I do not see a link for "cloud" Any help would be appreciated
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  • Disks Approaching 100% Capacity - Today

    Hello. I want to know how to edit the volume of the disks (ibm and windows) reaching  the 100% of space used on solarwind. a tuto would be better for me to understand. thank you.
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  • NPM in AWS

    Is it possible to run a NPM instance in AWS to manage my enterprise network?
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  • Script send logs to a queue storage azure

    Hi all, I need to send the log files from my virtual machine with kiwi syslog to a storage of microsoft azure automatically, is there any way to be able to direct to the cloud? through some script or some other form? ...
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  • Integrate SolarWinds with ServiceNow

    A while back, we shared some helpful tips on how IT process automation can be integrated seamlessly with ServiceNow. This program, along with its counterpart SolarWinds, are holding firm as leaders of the pack when it...
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  • Differentiating Informatica with Solarwinds

    Differentiating Informatica with Solarwinds:   SolarWinds Inc. develops enterprise information technology infrastructure management software for IT professionals. In 2007, SolarWinds raised funding from Austin V...
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  • New to Storage Resource Manager- Question

    Until I can get up to speed on SRM was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to get a LUN capacity graph or at least something that shows utilization longer than 7 days?
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  • the system shut down for several hours but got up by itself

    Recently my system (Orion 11.4) was virtualized, and sice that day the system left to report several hours, two times in a very short period of time between them. Any idea that what cloud be happening?
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  • Late on using my brain directionaly.

    so teach me ANYTHING I will listen and learn even if you are as lonely as i am. Tell me your life story sign on my head.
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  • Azure Cloud Monitoring

    Hi All,   I would need to monitor the Azure (IaaS & PaaS) VMs from Solarwinds - Could you please suggest how this will be accomplished. Do we have any specific tool for Cloud monitoring?   Thanks, Man...
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