• Limiting the numbe of results per page on my Custom table resource of my View

    Hey, I'm new to Solar Winds.  I am creating a new view and on that view I've added a custom table resource/widget. The data pulled back is exactly what I need.  However, I would like to limit the returned re...
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  • App on my smart phone

    In the world of apps on a smart phone, I am looking for an app on my phone for monitoring and alerting. Currently today we use a trigger within the alert to email to our team and we also use webexchange which has a bu...
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  • Solarwinds VIP issue during HA Pool failover

    When SolarWinds application fail over is happening from primary to secondary, VIP is getting removed from primary server and not getting assigned to the secondary server network adapter. Because of which HA pool is ge...
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    created by abhishekthakur
  • Collect all emails used in Alerting

    Is there a way to report on, or gather all the individual emails and/or distribution lists associated with the alerts we have active in solarwinds?
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  • Add new SNMP template?

    Good day to all the Thwack community.   Working on a requirement to forward alerts from Solarwinds into a secondary application - in this case IBM Tivoli Netcool - via SNMP traps. Our IBM people have develope...
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  • Total Port report based on Custom Property

    Hello,   Trying to figure out or find a report that will give me the total number of ports (used and unused) based on a specific custom property that the node falls into.  I would think this would be easy t...
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  • Want to create alert if fortigate firewall HA happens

    Hi,   Need help to create Alert.   I want to create an Alert if Fortigate Firewall HA happens. OID for HA is already added for firewall monitoring.   Thanks..
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  • Alerting on ISCSI!

    Has anyone set up alerts on ISCSI or initiators?  Just curious, I thought this would be something worth looking into.
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  • Custom Properties for Nodes doesn´t work

    Dear all,   I have an small issue with custome properties. I don´t know what I´m doing wrong.   I create the custom property that I need. Contact Name I want that information will be sent by...
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    created by datojo
  • What is the impact of changing a Custom Property title?

    I know this might seem a little novice but something I've been wondering.  Like many of you, I inherited my SolarWinds deployment from someone else.  The original person that set it up did a good job but lef...
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  • Netbrain/Solarwinds Integration

    Is it possible to integrate Netbrain with Solarwinds, even if it's as simple as Solarwinds alerts sending out with a link that will take you to a the MAP in Netbrain for the node that was in the alert?   Just ki...
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  • The new F5 monitoring is great, but...

    It's really nice to have so much more visibility into our load balancers out of the box. It's something we've been wanting for a while. One side-affect we are seeing though, is that we now get a lot of alerts related ...
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  • What paging or SMS gateway product/service do you use?

    Hey everyone,   We're researching our implementation and testing of supporting third-party SMS and paging gateways for use with Alert Central (related feature:Support for paging/SMS directly (bypassing email) . ...
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  • Alert needed when the required Event-ID does not generate in last 30 minutes

    All,   We are having NPM 12.2 and we don't have LEM or Log Analyzer.   We have a requirement to generate an alert, when the required event-id would not generate in last 30 or 40 minutes. How do we enable m...
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  • Advanced Alerts - HTML - Tables - Extra returns (<br>)

    Hi All,   In regard to the discussion below HTML Formatting in Advanced Alerts I'd like to say this is still a problem in NPM 12.4   E.g. this HTML code in the Trigger Actions of an alert <table>...
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  • Alert Silencing

    Hi all,   Specific question here. We are using alerts to notify our on-call team when a production device goes offline outside of work hours. I have other issues with the alert (namely not being able to schedule...
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  • SQL Query used in an Alert

    I created a query to take statistical data from a Solar Wind certain nodes and sum them together to get the total number of VM used on a system. I want to take that total and put it in an alert and alert if the count ...
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  • Need Alert rule for Node status and Group Status

    Hi,   We have Parent/Child setup available based on the Routers as Parent group and remaining devices as Child group. These are all setup based on the site name, which is a custom property of Node.   Now, ...
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    created by uniswtc
  • All Active Alert Custom properties

    Hello, Folks.   Just wondering if anyone else is using the custom properties in all active alerts? I choose the alerts in my custom property information not sure why it not showing. Any advise how to use it? &#...
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  • Create node details URL to include the node name instead of ID

    Is there a way to create a node details URL that uses the node name instead of node ID? in other words, instead of users going to https://XXX.XXXXX.XXX/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:1031 to get to the ...