These are some interesting articles we have come across recently.


Java Menace

A new zero-day exploit found in Java causes attackers to exploit a vulnerability that can reveal user data. The vulnerability affects all Java Run-time versions.  Since the exploit has been made public users have no but to disable Java software on their machines or patch Java with the update released on 8/30. 


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The Rise of the “Blackhole” Exploit Kit: The Importance of Keeping Software up to Date

This article, written by Tim Rains of Microsoft, depicts the increase of reported blocks of HTML & JavaScript exploits was due to the emergence of JS/Blacole.  Blacole is a collection of web pages that contain exploits for vulnerabilities in JRE, Adobe Flash & Reader, MDAC and other products.  Often, these exploits target vulnerabilities that are years old.  Hence, the importance of keeping software up to date.

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Cuts in budget may have negative impact on security

A recent survey from InfoSecurity Europe and Tufin Technologies found 48% of companies focus on cost savings at the expense of security.  Sadly, a lack of endpoint security investment can be both dangerous and costly.


ConfigMgr (SCCM) – Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve Scan issues in Software Updates

In this blog post, Anoop C Nair walks through the cause and resolution of a software update SCAN error in SCCM, using an example with Windows 2008 R2 core servers.


ConfigMgr 2012 product patch servicing model

This post, by Rob Marshall, summarizes key aspects of the new cumulative update servicing model for System Center Configuration Manager 2012.  Some of the key points:
• SCCM will have patches packed together as single SFX bundle that can be read only from server site
• SCCM bundles will have Server and Client patch MSI’s, license files, scripts and files needed for server to deploy patches
• SCCM patches will be distinct for Server, Client and admin console
• Updates Publisher 2011 is the supported tool of choice for importing patches into ConfigMgr.


And one more…..
A better guide to setting up SCUP with a Microsoft PKI