• PM Task Wizard bug?

    I just used the PM GPO deployment (Right-click 'Managed Computers', 'Windows Update Local Policy Management') to deploy the GPO to 63 machines. The first run, it only deployed to 33. No errors or anything. When I look...
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  • Deploying Patch Manager Agent - Can you tell me what is going on here?

    I have a WSUS Target Group called Pilot.  It contains 4 machines.  I approved the Patch Manager Agent to be deployed to these machines on Monday.   I use a GPO to configure my client settings - the Pil...
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  • SPM: WSUS credential

    Hi Team,   Need your help.   Please advise how to set the account in WSUS server we encountered error in adding WSUS server. " we set local admin credential "   Error: "The access permission on the ...
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  • Table of third party patches - updated 08/28/2015

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:   Adobe Acrobat v9 ...
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  • Editing Patch manager scheduled tasks

    Is there any way to edit patch manager scheduled tasks, specifically, the first three screens of the update management wizard? so far, if you want to change anything other than the computers it applies to or the time ...
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  • Computer Summary/Detailed status views

    Something that I've noticed in the Detailed Status section of a computers summary is that unapproved updates are also part of the 'Updates not installed' value. While this is technically true, it can also be considere...
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  • Patch Manager

    Are there any special considerations when uninstalling Patch Manager and removing it from my environment?   We were using it via sccm so I do not have any agents installed.
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  • New to Patch Manager, have many questions.

    Hello,   I will get right down to it. 1. How do I find a report that tells me what patches failed to install, and to what computers, and why they failed? 2. When I approve a patch does it get saved somewhere o...
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  • Approve all downloads automatically

    I'm looking at possibly changing how we handle our automatic updates, notably I'd like to automatically push out any updates with the 'security update' or 'critical updates' heading. I already have update management...
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  • Credential ring issues using OU logic

    I am working with a credential ring. I would like to set any computers found in a given OU - or within it is sub OUs - to use a specific credential.   I have saved my changes to the ring and verified it stuck. ...
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  • Request for principal permission failed when connecting to WSUS server

    Server: MYSERVERNAME Message: Exception occurred at 12/14/2009 10:40:56 AM: Request for principal permission failed. WSUSConnection::Unable to connect to the WSUS Server (MYSERVERNAME) using the account: MYDOMAIN\MYU...
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  • What We're Working On - SolarWinds Patch Manager (Updated May 29, 2015)

    (Updated following Patch Manager 2.1 Release - 5/29/2015)   We recently released Patch Manager 2.1 (see: Announcing General Availability of Patch Manager v2.1 - Automated 3rd Party Patches & More!) with some...
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  • Java 8u60, wrong package?

    I went to edit and publish the new Java 8u60, downloaded the two files from Oracle and when I try to add them to the package like I always do it gives me an error that the name does not match.   jre-8u60-windows...
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  • Patch Manager rules & deployment

    I deployed our Patch Manager this week and have been trying to get to know it. One of the things I found when playing with the 'Windows Update Local Policy Settings' within PM was it is possible to select computers to...
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  • machines deleted from the main Upstream WSUS server

    Hi everyone,   Is there anyone here experienced or encounter the same scenario we encountered?  We have Upstream server and replica downstream servers, and we accidentally deleted all the machines from the ...
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  • How to freeze Java version on a computer?

    We have several hundred computers, and one of those machines must not be upgraded above Java 1.6. I have the machine in its own targeting group- How do I stop future Java updates?
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  • Remove old versions of Java 8

         Is there anyone out there that has a good solution to removing the old version of Java 8 now that they don't get removed when a new version is installed?  My test machine has about 4 old ...
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  • Patch Manager Reporting help

    So I've been using SW PM for about 4 or 5 months or so. I am extremely new to the patching game and was thrown into it and have had to learn everything on my own. I'm just now trying to get reports to work. I used the...
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  • Patch Manager security questions

    I have a few questions about patch manager in regard to security and security management of the service accounts in the credential ring.   1. Does a password length limitation exist for the credentials within t...
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  • "There is a version mismatch between the WSUS server API version 6.3.9600.16384 and the WSUS client API version: 6.3.9600.17477"

    Was hoping to enjoy a seamless trial experience / install but that's not the case.  When I go to publish updates I keep getting this error.   "There is a version mismatch between the WSUS server API version...
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