• Table of third party patches - updated 08/03/2015

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:   Adobe Acrobat v9 ...
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  • WMI problems

    Hello all,   I have some problems with manage several amount of workstations. Any of activities depend on WMI finish with info Class not registered, I try to make some actions with WMI repair but without any pos...
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  • Server and Web console version mismatch after upgrade

    Hello all,   Wondering if anyone ran into this issue when upgrading Patch Manager to it's latest version. I've upgrade both Orion and Patch Manager to version using the full upgrade on the Orion serve...
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  • Patch Manager Web Console Installation?

    This is a basic question but I didn't find enough information to make a decision. Does the reporting web console allow for displayed reports to be sorted/grouped and revised like the MMC provides? I'm still in need of...
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  • Need SPM Report - Installed software count w/ computer name

    I apologize if this has been discussed. Feel free to redirect me to any other posts that cover this topic.   I would like to create a report that displays a list of all installed programs, a count of how many ma...
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  • Must Patch Manager be installed on AD servers?

    My research indicates that SCCM 2012 must be installed on a server that is a member of an Active Directory domain. Does that mean that Patch Manager must also be installed in a domain?
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  • Remove old versions of Java 8

         Is there anyone out there that has a good solution to removing the old version of Java 8 now that they don't get removed when a new version is installed?  My test machine has about 4 old ...
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  • How is licensing counted in patch manager?

    We just licenced patch manager for 250 workstations.  Seems to be working fine, but then I rebooted the pm server for some updates and now I get a warning that were using too many 272 out of 250 allowed licences....
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  • Computers won't restart after patching

    Here is my scenario.   I run download task to stage the updates to each computer on a weekly basis. On patch day I run an download/installation task with the option to reboot enabled (regardless of windows upd...
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  • 3rd party patch never finishes installing

    I have created a 3rd party partch for Dell Encryption that i'm forcing down to our machines. The test machine receives the setup file, but it never finishes the install. progress is stuck on Installing...
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  • Security and User Management Question

    Is there a detailed list anywhere as to what each internal Security group is permitted to do?   I want to delegate the installation of patches to servers to another team here, but don't want them to be able to a...
    SolarWinds Community Team
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  • Updating flash

    When I try to import flash I get an error   This happens when on both plugin and active x.  I have just downloaded the files from Adobe so they are the latest files.  Am I doing something wrong? &nbs...
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  • Recovering licenses from ghost client machines

    Hello all,   I have tried to recovery some of the over used licensing in my Patch Manager deployment by removing the managed computers and also the tasks containing them. I've set up a new task and run it but it...
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  • Report: Hardware info for PCs with software installed

    I dont know if its monday or im just not finding this but I am trying to create a report for the hardware info such as processor, ram, hard drive, and video card, if a PC has a certain software installed.  &...
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  • PatchManager vs. Chef/Puppet

    What are some reasons one should choose PatchManager for deploying patches instead of Chef/Puppet?
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  • Report data doesnt match live data

    So I made a report a few weeks ago to see any PCs that hadnt contacted SPM in over 2 weeks.  I went and ran it today and thought some of the PCs listed were odd since I knew they were on and contacting so I check...
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  • What We're Working On - SolarWinds Patch Manager (Updated May 29, 2015)

    (Updated following Patch Manager 2.1 Release - 5/29/2015)   We recently released Patch Manager 2.1 (see: Announcing General Availability of Patch Manager v2.1 - Automated 3rd Party Patches & More!) with some...
    nicole pauls
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  • Error with package install

    We are attempting to push a software that uses a virtual print driver . We get the error \ prompt "would you like to install this device software?" I think the fix is to import the certificate from a working machine a...
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  • Pointing to a .mst file in the package with the command line parameters

    I am getting ready to start testing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and I want to modify the default Adobe package to include a .mst file that I am going to create and add to the package.  I just want to ensure that I u...
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  • What are your comments on SW Patch Manager?

    Hello, I am not sure if I should ask this here and if so just ignore this.   We are considering purchasing SolarWinds Patch Manager to help us deploy 3rd party patches and applications.  Currently we are ...
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