• Update Not Applicable

    We created a custom package to push out a MSP file for some Office 2013 changes that we have changed. i originally created the rule to check for office 2013 install reg key. It would work fine on some, but not others....
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  • Package Question

    Is it possible to copy one folder with multiple files in it to pcs across our network with the Patch Manager or is it not capable of doing that?  I know it can do exe msp and msi but I was wondering if there was ...
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  • Remove old versions of Java 8

         Is there anyone out there that has a good solution to removing the old version of Java 8 now that they don't get removed when a new version is installed?  My test machine has about 4 old ...
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  • Java Install Successfully but doesnt show up in add/remove programs

    I have tinkered with the Java 8 Update 45 and was able to get it to download and install successfully on a test pc but when I check the add remove programs on the pc java isn't in the list at all.  Is there somet...
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  • Create custom report to determine which systems have a specific application

    I want to query all my systems and determine which ones have which version(s) of Java.  Can anyone give me a little nudge or 2?
  • Report on Servers Needing 3rd Party Updates and Application

    Have 200+ servers (mostly Microsoft but different versions)  Some of the servers will have Adobe Flash (some old/some new) with various versions.  Also have Java Runtime and/or SDK with multiple versions on ...
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  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    I have been looking for the new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in the packages but haven't found it.   Is there any indication of when the package will be available to deploy?
    created by shirleyje
  • .NET 4.5.2 package

    Does anyone know if there is a .NET 4.5.2 Upgrade package template?   Thanks
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  • Request for principal permission failed when connecting to WSUS server

    Server: MYSERVERNAME Message: Exception occurred at 12/14/2009 10:40:56 AM: Request for principal permission failed. WSUSConnection::Unable to connect to the WSUS Server (MYSERVERNAME) using the account: MYDOMAIN\MYU...
    SolarWinds Community Team
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  • What We're Working On - SolarWinds Patch Manager (Updated April 1, 2015)

    (Updated following Patch Manager 2.0 Release)   We recently released Patch Manager 2.0, which included support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1. We're now working on simplifying the interface and making...
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  • Java Install Failure

    I keep getting this message when I have packaged Java 8 Update 45 on the Patch Manager.       Install Object: Java RE 8 UP45 Status: Failed Details: Install may have failed. Unable to create install ...
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  • Table of third party patches - updated 4/23/2015

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:   Adobe Acrobat v9 ...
    tamil prabha
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  • Old versions of 3rd party updates being published

    I have started to mess with the new "Auto Publish Software Packages" feature and it seems that if I tell it to only publish the ones labeled as "(Upgrade)" it will still download every upgrade version that it knows of...
    created by creative
  • Need SPM Report - Installed software count w/ computer name

    I apologize if this has been discussed. Feel free to redirect me to any other posts that cover this topic.   I would like to create a report that displays a list of all installed programs, a count of how many ma...
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  • updates needed

    why does patch manager say I need for example, 39! updates and yet none of my machines need any ot f the updates one example is it says I need windows 7 sp1 but none of my machines report to wsus as needing these upd...
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  • Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find Orion / PM SQL Query Code?

    I need to customize the Patch Manager "Vulnerable Machines" Orion query into two queries, one for servers and one for workstations, and I also need to limit each to showing machines having >0 outstanding patches.&n...
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  • Trouble with JRE 8_45

    Every time I try to import the Java .exe into Patch Manager, I get the error that the package name is incorrect.  I have been using PM for over a year and have never had this issue.   Has anyone else se...
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  • PM Auto Publish 3rd party updates questions

    I'm in the middle of testing the new Auto Publishing feature in PM.  I was very excited about this feature due to the fact that I have currently 37 WSUS servers that I have to publish to everytime a new update is...
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  • Features Request

    I would like to see patch manager add the functionality to scan computers for required 3rd party updates before you have to download and deploy them, this will save space on the servers. for example if I have adobe re...
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  • Patch Manager to deploy LEM and Dameware updates

    Can Patch Manager be used to deploy LEM and Dameware client updates?
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