• Patch Manager view of Approved patches

    Is there a way to see on the front page of Patch Manager website view just the count or graph of only approved patches installed and not installed?   I can click on each individual node and look at the data on t...
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  • Approved Patch view

    Is there view that shows just approved patch status?   I am looking for a view that is similar too the Top 25 Most Vulnerable Machines  but would show approved patches, If I click on individual nodes I ca...
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  • Get the following error when publishing a package

    the following errors occurred while publishing the packages: the specified path, file name or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters and the directory name must be less than...
    created by alan.dunne
  • Configure McAfee to allow SMTP from Patch Manager

    Does anyone know how to configure McAfee to allow Patch Manager to send emails from scheduled tasks? I've determined that if I disable McAfee Access Protection, the reports are sent with no problems; however, they err...
  • 3rd party app fails

    i keep getting the following error when ever I try to update a 3rd party package that i created..   Update not applicable. Unable to find the Update by ID to perform the requested operation. The update may not b...
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  • Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find Orion / PM SQL Query Code?

    I need to customize the Patch Manager "Vulnerable Machines" Orion query into two queries, one for servers and one for workstations, and I also need to limit each to showing machines having >0 outstanding patches.&n...
    created by clarsen
  • Report on Servers Needing 3rd Party Updates and Application

    Have 200+ servers (mostly Microsoft but different versions)  Some of the servers will have Adobe Flash (some old/some new) with various versions.  Also have Java Runtime and/or SDK with multiple versions on ...
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  • Intalled Programs with OS and IP.xdq

    This report prompts for input and then displays any PC with that software installed and includes the OS and IP of each
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  • Computers with Java installed

    This report will show PCs with all versions of Java installed
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  • Java 7 to Java 8 Upgrade Package

    How do I release a package that upgrades systems with any version of Java 7 to the latest version of Java 8 (currently u20)?   Is it sufficient to edit the applicability rules of the "Java Runtime Enviornment 8u...
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  • How do I get SKYPE added as a third-party Application

    I have the checkbox enabled in Software Publishing, however, I do not get any Skype updates added to the catalog.
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  • List systems without a specific application installed

    I need to create a report of a list of systems that do not have one specific application installed. How do I go about doing this. I figured out how to get a list of systems that DO have the application installed, but ...
    created by technogeek414
  • errors trying to get updates from a SUP INTO sccm 2012

    i have a primary server with a SUP  and a 2nd sup, patch manager is ainasttale on the second SUP. i can get the updates from patch maanger into SCCM but when itry to syncronise on on the primary site all third pa...
    created by juicemoto
  • invalid signature/invalid namespace errors

    Hello,   I am using Patch Manager to manage the WSUS patching of our Windows server infrastructure but have a small percentage that all fail with the invalid signature/invalid namespace errors below. I have foll...
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  • Create an update package with delayed installation/actions after reboot?

    Is it possible to create an update which does some preparation, informs the Update Agent that a reboot is needed and perform something just after the reboot? For Microsoft Updates it's quiet common...
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  • Creating an AdHoc Query for Update Computer Summaries

    Hi, I can view the current status of the installation state of a specific Update by selecting it from the Update Services/WSUS/Updates/xxx/Update....." tree and viewing the "Computer Summary" Tab. Example as a screen...
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  • Table of third party patches - updated 2/2/2015

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:   Adobe Acrobat v9 ...
    Lawrence Garvin
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  • Patch Manager to deploy LEM and Dameware updates

    Can Patch Manager be used to deploy LEM and Dameware client updates?
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  • LEM 6.1.0 Catalog

    Presented 100% free of charge (and testing), my effort to package the LEM Agent, Crystal Reports and the Reports Console for distribution via Patch Manager.   You will have to modify the Agent packages to change...
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  • Isolated network

    Our system has no internet connectivity. Any updates, be they from Microsoft or other third parties, must be "sneaker-netted" into the system. Again, no route-able connections to any public network system. Will Patch ...
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