• ALU 7750

    Hello All, I have a custom script that I'm currently trying to implement to backup the configs on some ALU 7750's on...
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  • How do I set a cli credential when adding a voice gateway

    I am trying to add the voice gateways into VNQM and it says invalid cli credential. I cant see anywhere to set the cl...
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  • Dark Side Of The Encryption

    “Encryption makes it more difficult for governments and other third parties to monitor your traffic. It also ma...
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  • OMG! My Website Got Hacked!

    “After all, even the best-designed and most thoroughly audited web applications have far more issues, far more ...
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  • Mr. Robot: When Cyber Security Fiction Meets Reality

    First off, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Damon, and I am the Managing Editor of Geek Speak. I’...
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  • PSEXEC to start remote process

    This is a sequel to this post where I used Powershell and WMI to call a remote process. This use case was needed sinc...
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  • Who wants better IPAM importing?

    Do you want importing to be better in IPAM? Specifically, do you want to maintain your hierarchy with Group...
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    In SAM, you should be able to assign an application monitor template to an entire group of nodes by searching for tha...
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  • Historical statistic in email

    I think it would be great idea to insert some historical statistic in table or graphic format in email for alert trig...
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  • Cisco WLC LWAP Inventory

    UnDP's and a Web Report for a Cisco Prime-Like LWAP Inventory report for Cisco WLC's.   Additional information:...
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  • Cisco WLC clients count per SSID

    I prepared this because I couldn't find OID that fetch amount of clients per ssid. it's sql based custom poller .the...
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  • SNMP_vs_WMI_20130412.docx

    NOTE: The spreadsheet with the data behind this information appears as a separate upload. See here: SNMP_vs_WMI_20130...
    Leon Adato
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  • The Impact of Changing a SAM WMI Template Polling Interval to 60 seconds

    *** This is by no means a scientific article, meaning I didn't do a massive amount of testing or research. But it is ...
  • Formatting automated reports

    Is there a way to format automated reports sent to email? Preferably in a clean table format in the email itself (me...
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  • NPM Node UnDPs and the Nodes Assigned

    I designed this Report to better help you determine what Values were  being returned Currently, and what you wil...
  • When Good OIDs Go Bad: Customizing Device Pollers

    In my last post, I spoke about different ways to Alert in NPM, pairing multiple features together to create powerful ...
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  • What We're Working On for Web Help Desk

    To receive updates on the WHD roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently in the planning pha...
  • Asset Inventory stopped polling of warranty info for HP machines

    It seems that HP has changed URL of website to check warranty of their product. There is such message when you enter...
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  • Custom SWQL Views Manager

    **Please visit, read, download, and install the new custom resource that implements hcy01uk's directly into the resou...
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  • Alert Central Upgrade Info

    Hello! You're probably here because Alert Central told you there's a newer version available. This document will let ...