• The Stack Reconsidered (In light of some really bad visualizations)

    "I know real estate applications," the Business Analyst said confidently to the dozen of us cloistered in a conferenc...
  • Allow Hardware and OS to be Polled separately

    The Issue: Dell does not have the ability to pull PERC details via WMI, so we have to monitor the physical servers v...
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  • AppInsight for SQL Alert for Last Backup

    I was wanting to create an Alert based on the "Last Backup" field of a Database that is monitored by AppInsight for S...
  • Monitors within Template Query

    We are trying to create a query that we could run against a node, preferably by IP to check what components are in a ...
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  • node descriptions in alerts

    What is the best way to set descriptions of the nodes and then have those descriptions included in the alerts?  ...
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  • Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters

    This template assesses the status and overall of services and performance of a Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows...
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  • An Overview on Thin Provisioning

    Whether it be at work or in my personal life, I like to plan ahead and be readily prepared. Specifically, when it com...
  • Favorite IT Metaphors,Sayings and Aphorisms

    In my Linkedin Profile, I write that I’m a fan of “elaborate IT Metaphors” yet, in a very literal w...
  • Forgot To Add Template To Some Servers

    I have noticed that when adding a node through WMI there are some that do not have 2 core templates that are applied ...
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  • Custom Poller Alert

    I am trying to create a custom poller alert that will do the following..  I am monitoring APC UPS for time remai...
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  • Enabling SMS/Text alerts in Orion

    Orion provides numerous preconfigured alert actions, but in today’s on-the-move world, we want to get text aler...
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  • Meraki MR34's And NPM

    Has anyone successfully added Cisco/Meraki MR34 access points to Solarwinds NPM and had them correctly recognized as ...
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  • NPM not showing WAN Link Down

    Yesterday we had some issues in WAN link from telco end where no traffic was there on link. interfaces on routers at ...
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  • What We're Working On for Web Help Desk

    To receive updates on the WHD roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently in the planning pha...
  • NOC View/Dashboard - is this available for NPM, APM, & Netflow?

    I have been searching for a way to come up with a single page or possibly two and then trying to use an add-on to rot...
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  • Job Failure

    Description This alert will look for jobs that have failed since the last time this alert executed.  The #FREQUE...
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  • Monitor VPN Tunnel

    I'm trying to use the Custom MIB Poller to monitor the status of a VPN tunnel on a Cisco ASA.  Has anyone figure...
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  • Automatically Update World Map Points Based On Custom Property Value

    < BACK TO TO THE MAGIC OF SQL SCRIPTS SERIES LIST   Challenge:   At present moment (NPM v11) it is not...
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  • What we are working on post v4.2

    As always, here comes a list of items we are working for the future of VNQM. We are listening and your comments will ...
  • EOC - What We Are Working On

    To receive updates on the EOC roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently working on EOC ver...
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