• NPM 11 Beta 1 Now Available

    As unbelievable as it seems, with NPM 10.7 so recently out the door, we have a beta available for the shiny new NPM 11. NPM 11 introduces one of the singularly largest features we've had in a while with our new "Qual...
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  • Interfaces not showing

    I noticed that when I add an unmanaged device with the correct SNMP string being used, I do not get the interfaces of this device under interface monitor. Also, I have this installed with IPAM/UDT and when I add a dev...
    Kurt H
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  • alert that will be triggered by a node status

    Hello;   I have all my alerts quite set, but sometimes there duplicate alerts and thats a pain for people on-call....   Now, how I can make like a audit-check which alerts will be triggered if a node is do...
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  • AppInsight For SQL

    Hello Everyone,   I recently started using solar winds, so far i think this tool is awesome. But like with every tool, i have questions..   I've installed SAM 6.1.0 and have used the network sonar discove...
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  • How to import Windows events logs into LEM

    Hi,   We have two Windows 2003 domain controllers that are remotedly hosted; however, they are part of our local AD.  That is, we have two remote DCs and two local DCs all administrating a single AD domain....
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  • Top 5 Applications - Unmonitored Traffic

    We use Commvault for backups.  One main port it uses is 8605 which I have defined.  It also uses a bunch of high random ports, so when looking at our Top Applications the unmonitored is always in the top 3.&...
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  • Rather annoying alert status in Solarwinds MP

    Hello guys   I have been trying to integrate our Solarwinds SAM Monitors into our SCOM 2012 SP1 environment.   Unfortuantely, a huge number of component monitors sit in a warning state with the error statu...
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  • Adjusting polling frequency/timeout

    Is it possible to adjust the polling frequency/timeout? I have a few remote systems that are currently up and running but appear down in Solarwinds, I believe the SNMP response is taking a while and causing the system...
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  • AppInsight for Exchange - Connection timeout. Job canceled by scheduler.

    Seeing the error: "Connection timeout. Job canceled by scheduler." in the Mailboxes randomly.  Anyone else seeing this error?  
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  • discovery connection to a sharepoint database

    Has anyone done this before?   previous to WHD, we kept track of ALL our assets on SharePoint with purchasing details.   it would be great to continue
    created by hwegener
  • Acknowledge Alert via SDK Perl

    I am calling the Acknowledge Alert syntax using the example from the sample.pl file for the Perl example. When I do the following         my $alertDefId = $alert->{alertdefid}; &nbs...
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  • nta 4.0 swql

    I am trying to pull a report from NTA 4.0 flow storage database and can't figure out how to do it using swql. I am wondering if someone can give some guidance.   What I am looking to do is pull a report to find ...
    created by sleibfried03
  • Up to date variable reference

    I am configuring Alerts for AppInsight for Exchange and am using the default ones that have been installed to begin with. I notice all the default ones DO NOT include any properties so I am currently adding some. &nbs...
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  • Cluster vmotion activities report

    We use solarwinds Virtualization Manager v6.0.0.10001. I have 5 cluster and host is vmware ESXI 5.1 We use DRS and HA in each cluster. How many VMs machine moved in a day? How do I learn?
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  • How can I delete an account in Web Help Desk?

    I am having an issue with an account. This person can not send an email to the Web Help Desk. When they try to, they get a message that the email address is not recognized. I did some researching and it appears the em...
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  • Is anyone else having an issue with Alert Central receiving emails in HTML format?

    I just upgraded to the newest version 1.1.5 and was hopeful that this would no longer be an issue; unfortunately the issue remains.   I have an email alert souce setup to process emails received from me (for tes...
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  • Changing the default Asset Lookup field?

    When trying to add an asset to a ticket, the Asset Lookup field always defaults to "Asset No."  I'd say 95% of the time, we use the Network Name to search for assets, and 0% of the time do I know an asset's numbe...
    created by techadrian
  • Alert Central - Not Recognizing Node Up

    I have setup Alert Central to notify me by email and txt every time a node goes down. This morning that happened. After a few minutes the node came backup. When looked in NPM it said the node was up. But I was still r...
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  • Consistent support for SNMPv3 in Engineers Toolset tools

    I am setting up a configuration for a client that will be implementing SNMPv3.  Ran into several problems and found out that the cause was the tools in the Engineers Toolset.  Upgraded from 10.8 to 10.9 - re...
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  • New to LEM - can I stop certain logging - such as Network Logins?

    Is there an easy way to configure LEM to not collect network login/logoff information?  I know I can filter it by view - but is there a way to just tell the collector to stop collecting certain events? on our wi...
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