• Application Monitoring to detecting in SAM

    Hi,   I have added my windows 2008 Server in to SAM to monitor the applications But, I have assigned few inhouse applications to monitor but SAM shows its down whereas the services are up and running fine. &nbs...
  • Quakecon 2014, Anyone here going?

    Just curious to see if anyone else here plans on going to Quakecon this year, Thursday, July 17th – Sunday, July 20th, in Dallas, TX. I have attended this event a handful of times in the past with my friends, w...
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  • [VIDEO] LARProsy: Waves of Downtime

    The SolarWinds video team held a contest where thwack members could submit their scripts to help us "End Our Blankin' Movie." What you are about to witness is the best entry we received. After a science experiment goe...
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  • Mobile device tracking

    Do you track mobile devices in your network?
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  • Dynamic Map on Node Details View

    Hello,   If I add a map resource on a Group View I am able to use a variable ( ${Name} ) to display the map that is named the same as the group:     However the same map resource on a Nodes View doe...
    created by stuartwhyte
  • If...Then...Else statements for Alert Manager

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    I think it would make managing alerts much easier if we were able to build an if-then-else statement into the actions for an alert.   My example... I create an alert for a particular set of criteria, but I want...
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  • How to edit HTTP component's URL value via Orion database?

    Hi,   I am working on creating an HTTP monitors for around 80 website URLs. Can anyone help me in help me reaching out to the table in Orion Database where I can directly update the URLs corresponding to compone...
    created by devesh@reged
  • Granular Node Management Rights.

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    There needs to be a simple way to assign users specific node management rights. For example, i have a group of users that i only want to be able to unmanage nodes, nothing more. There may be sophisticated ways of achi...
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  • How do I create Usage Profile...

    I'm playing with the Usage Profiles associated with Capacity Planning. I've manage to create my own profile - but as I understand it its possible to use specify my own settings for what I feel a small, medium and larg...
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  • Allow for showing SQL code on views

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    7 votes
    I dabble a bit on SQL scripting, but would lie to you if I called myself an expert -- far from it.    Anyway, I would love tsee SQL the code behind that grabs data from the DB for awesome views found in most...
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  • Linux script execution error. Script file creation failed.

    I have a monitor setup based on the Linux Time Drift monitoring script. For the majority of servers it works fine, but for one or two servers it intermittently reports unknown with the error "Linux script execution e...
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  • Changing the list resources for multiple nodes.

    There should be an option to modify the resources that are being monitored on multiple nodes at same time. Example we can see new features being introduced and we need to add these on multiple nodes that are already a...
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  • [VIDEO] Patch Manager Guided Tour

    This video provides a guided tour of all the key features for patching Microsoft® & 3rd party applications and reporting on patch compliance. This demo showcases how to view the current state of the selected s...
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  • [VIDEO] SQL Performance Monitoring Best Practices

    This video describes best practices for monitoring SQL server performance to include SQL performance issues like database file size, index fragmentation and sloppy queries.
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  • [VIDEO] Create Custom Pollers in SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

    Learn how to create custom pollers in SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. Also, allows you to map arbitrary OIDs to built-in CPU and Memory data fields. This is great for any devices that don't fully support MIB-2.
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  • [VIDEO] Virtualization Manager and Server & Application Monitor Integration

    Learn how to use SolarWinds Virtualization Manager with new integration with Server & Application Monitor and Orion including key use cases: Quickly determine if application performance problems result from an ap...
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  • Network Management stops finger pointing..

    Network management is good, but there are some benefits that are not so apparent at first. It gives you the proof you need when that person calls the help desk and says “the network is slow..” at this poin...
    craig schnarrs
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  • How do you get the changes to the test message to take effect?

    I'm running the trial version 9.4 of the Kiwi Syslog Server. If I click setup and go down to the test message section and change the test message, when I select "send test message..." the message never changes. The pr...
    created by couellette
  • Can you please provide sys oid for the below vendor models?

    Hi All, I am looking for the below Cisco and Juniper device model Sys oid's for certification purpose. your help will be appreciated.   Series Model SysOID Cisco 4400 ISR ISR 4451-X Cisco 800 ISR ISR 880 3G Ci...
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  • Gamers

    On the back of the recent gamers poll, I wanted to see what people think of the difference between COD and Battlefield, which one do people think is the better franchise
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