• Rise of the Hybrid Engineer

    Last week, we had a great conversation on finger-pointing, and some of you shared real-world advice on how to avoid it. Most of the comments described a work environment that was still tied to the stove-piped organiza...
    michael stump
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  • Custom Poller Alert Issue

    Hello,   I'm trying to create an alert based on a custom poller as defined below.  I simply need the rule to trigger when the poller status is above 200.  The issue is that its triggering even when Pol...
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  • Undefined status for VMWare Datacenter

    We're on Core 2010.2.0, NPM 10.1, APM 3.5 and IVIM 1.0.0. ESX servers are mostly on 4.1.0 The VCenter, Datacenter and Cluster status is sometimes marked as Unknown/Undefined. It seems that when I select the VCen...
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  • Software Exports

    We are in the process of exporting these products to our customer overseas:   Network Performance Monitor IP SLA WAN and VoIP Manager NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Engineers Toolset Cirrus Config Manager Log &am...
    created by rcmathews1
  • Alert Central Upgrade Info

    Hello! You're probably here because Alert Central told you there's a newer version available. This document will let you know what's new, where to download, and how to upgrade.   The current version of Alert Cen...
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  • Any way to create a 'New Ticket' bookmarklet?

    I can't remember where it was in here, but someone had created a bookmarklet that allowed you to search for a ticket. Any way to do a similar thing, with New Ticket? Doesn't seem like just copying the URL works. &nbs...
    created by patricks
  • Control what users the weekly reports go out to.

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    I would like to see more control over the reports in Alert Central. Specifically the ability to select which users receive the weekly reports.
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  • Single calendar for multiple escalation groups

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    I would like to see the ability to create a single on call calendar that can be used by multiple escalation groups.   The way I see using this is that I would setup an escalation group for Critical alerts, f...
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  • Ability to pull On-Call from existing calendar

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    I would like to see SAC pull already created rotational on call calendars from existing calendars. Many teams use Outlook or Google Calendar to build and advertise their oncal rotations, why not pull that information ...
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  • Customize/Templatize Outgoing Escalation Emails

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    I would like the ability to customize or templatize outgoing escalation emails.  Currently AC assumes that the escalation emails are going to a person and are formatted as such.  I have a use case where I wo...
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  • Turn Off Email Notifications on a Per User Basis

    Open for Voting
    19 votes
    I would like the ability to turn off email notifications on a Per User basis.  The use case for this request is using AC in NOC setting where AC is the aggregation point for alerts and the NOC is manually handlin...
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  • Enhanced HTTPS/SSL Support

    Open for Voting
    23 votes
    It would be great if there were enhanced support for HTTPS & SSL in Alert Central.  Items that I would like to see included are:   Allow administrators to load their own SSL certificates via the applian...
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  • Add Source Email Body to Bottom of Alert Email

    Open for Voting
    21 votes
    With Email sources, the notification e-mail subject is pulled from the Summary, there is no way to include all pertinent information into the notification for the technician to understand the details of the alert. I'...
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  • Modify Alert Central Weekly Alert Parameters

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    This is one of those "I can't use Alert Central without a feature I need first" Our first line of defense (i.e., who gets notified first), is almost always SMS. Therefore, we have all the SMS addressing, and schedulin...
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  • Network Atlas, Groups

    Hi,   I doing a map where i integrate my groups, but when i publish my map on Orion Web console i have just status of group (Up, Down) and not "childs" (nodes in this groups). How can i display my nodes in their...
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  • 3 Tips to Quickly Address the Notorious Heartbleed Bug

    The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability that’s compromising Internet applications like Web, email, and instant message communication. However, recent revelations indicate that there’s more to this threat. Un...
    Narendran Vaideeswaran
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  • Fishing vs Hunting

    I figure with all of these video games polls going on, there is bound to be some real men (or women) in the IT world that still prefer the great outdoors over gaming.
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  • Add node and sonar discovery not working

    I've tried upgrading from NPM 10.7 and then adding nodes, upgrading from 10.7 after adding nodes, and a fresh install of 11.0 and I'm still unable to add nodes either through node management or sonar discovery.
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  • Free Tools - Version Numbers?

    I absolutely love the SolarWinds free tools, and I think I must've used just about every one of them at some point over the years. I also like to maintain an up-to-date software respository on one of my servers and it...
    created by rj-smith
  • Notify all contact in user escalation (BUG REPORT)

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    Currently when a step is taken during escalation, only first contact information of a user is used to notify.   Can we fix that to include all user contact information when notifying a user?   There seems ...
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