• Changing the list resources for multiple nodes.

    There should be an option to modify the resources that are being monitored on multiple nodes at same time. Example we can see new features being introduced and we need to add these on multiple nodes that are already a...
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  • Can Patch Manager create a software inventory of the supported computers?

    I want to get a list of software that computers on our network are using.  Can I use Patch Mgr to do that?   Also can we use Patch Mgr to prevent users from installing software that is not on a safe list? &...
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  • Network Management stops finger pointing..

    Network management is good, but there are some benefits that are not so apparent at first. It gives you the proof you need when that person calls the help desk and says “the network is slow..” at this poin...
    craig schnarrs
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  • Will syslog actually be able to read message content such as email and imessage etc

    Will syslog actually be able to read message content such as email and imessage etc
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  • Rise of the Hybrid Engineer

    Last week, we had a great conversation on finger-pointing, and some of you shared real-world advice on how to avoid it. Most of the comments described a work environment that was still tied to the stove-piped organiza...
    michael stump
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  • FTP Voyager 'put' command line switch not working

    I'm trying to used the command line interface of FTP Voyager and the 'profile' switch is working to connect me to the correct site, but the 'put' is not.  The site opens and I don't see any attempt to upload the ...
    created by ltapper
  • CPU utilization under Manage QoE Collector Nodes reading is high

    CPU utilization is reading at 85% but the performance monitor is showing nothing even close to this. What is the number referring to if it's not the actual CPU Utilization %?
    created by dkeyser
  • Alert Central Upgrade Info

    Hello! You're probably here because Alert Central told you there's a newer version available. This document will let you know what's new, where to download, and how to upgrade.   The current version of Alert Cen...
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  • Is anyone else having an issue with Alert Central receiving emails in HTML format?

    I just upgraded to the newest version 1.1.5 and was hopeful that this would no longer be an issue; unfortunately the issue remains.   I have an email alert souce setup to process emails received from me (for tes...
    created by abarnes1
  • Hourly log file rotation (Kiwi Syslog)

    Hello,        I''ve tried searching the forum but was unable to find an answer to this specific issue. I just setup Kiwi Syslogd (paid) and have been testing logging from some firewalls. Whil...
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  • NPM 10.3 DataProcessor.log Error Value was either too large or too small for an Int32

    ERROR 2014-04-18 15:17:27,144 [STP SmartThreadPool Thread #1] ERROR DataPreProcessing - Processing result: PollerResultWrapper: PollerType=N.Cpu.SNMP.NetSnmpSystemStats, NetObject=N:429 ErrorCode=1, ErrorMessage=Valu...
    created by adeese2
  • Is anyone else getting a "Error while loading legend" in NTA Endpoints and Receivers?

    We've been having an issue since upgrading to NPM 10.7 and NTA 4.0.1.    If we go to the Netflow tab and then either Endpoints or Receivers, we see the pie chart, but get a "Error while loading legend."...
    Craig Norborg
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  • Alert Central Microsoft EWS setup problem.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to setup Alert Central in our enviroment since we are using Orion for a long time. I am at the point where you need to setup eMail account for Alert Central. So far I have created the accou...
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  • During email setup, I am unable to get AlertCentral to connect to our Exchange server.

    Any ideas?  I can access the email account through https://webmail/owa manually.   Here’s the error with POP3: DEBUG: setDebug: JavaMail version 1.4.5 DEBUG: getProvider() returning javax.mail.Prov...
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  • Exchange EWS Issues

    SImilar to other posts: I am able to resolve URL: https://cas.mydomain.com/ews/exchange.asmx and login via webmail and Outlook using the AD creds w/o issue.  However, when I use the same info on Alewrt Manager, I...
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  • Allow customization of Tabular Node Poller's "Resource Properties"

    Open for Voting
    11 votes
    When using tabular pollers, if some pollers return more values than others then all Row ID's show. This gives un needed values. Mainly I want only the RowID's that are multiples of 1K. This pulled the line card/modul...
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  • Local Worldmap repository for offline use

    Open for Voting
    21 votes
    One of my clients can't use the worldmap feature since the Solarwinds Orion server and access is done on a network segment that does not access internet. The worldmap frame is then grayed out and you only see the map ...
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  • Groups to Worldmap

    Open for Voting
    94 votes
    In the new NPM Worldmap, you can add multiple devices to a single location to the worldmap, but cant add a group. You need to make sure that all nodes are pointing at the single location and do not miss one (or add on...
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  • Worldmap - Unmanaged status

    Open for Voting
    9 votes
    In the new worldmap feature, if all items at a single location are unmanaged (blue), the map icon still shows in green.   The only way to get a real status is to put the mouse over the mappoint. The mappoint ...
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  • Worldmaps - Title for location

    Open for Voting
    40 votes
    It can become messy if you can't put a title to a location on the map (ie: Headquarter, site 1, remote office, etc...) and you have sites close to each other on the map (depending on the zoom level, everything can be ...
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