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LDAP Authentication Issue


We are having issues setting up LDAP authentication in the new version 15 RC1. We have everything setup like it says to in the documentation but we keep getting an error that says "ERROR: Login was not successful". It is creating the home directory correctly when someone tries to log in but they get the error. Has anyone else seen this issue?

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    The documentation for setting up LDAP is a bit misleading.  We're getting it corrected.  The documentation instructs you to drop the base DN when setting up your LDAP User Groups.  This is incorrect. You must include the base DN in your hierarchy.


    To use the help documentation example, if your user is "CN=John Smith,OU=Marketing,OU=Tampa Office,OU=Blue Division,DC=myoffice,DC=net" then the hierarchy for your LDAP User Groups should be net -> myoffice -> Blue Division -> Tampa Office -> Marketing.