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Ridiculously broken link


This Geek Speak blog post has a link that has been broken since at least 8/24 of 2012. The information looks useful, so how about we get the link working so that I can use the information in the blog post.


The fact that there are three comments pointing out the link is broken looks like no one reads the comments. Which I really don't understand.



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    I'm looking for the correct link and will update as soon as I find it.  This looks like a migration error from back when we switched platforms, hence there isn't a specific author that would have been notified of the comments.  I hope to have this remedied ASAP.




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    Here's a trick for future reference.


    I've had to use this in situations where the site is not administered or the mods/admins are completely unresponsive.


    Google the URL, the top result should be what you're looking for, but you will need to view the Cached version of the page and you will have your answer.


    This is also how I initially found my way to the broken link in the May Monthly Mission... That cached page gave away enough hints to find the new URL for it.