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NPM Having trouble validating SNMP read/write string


I just added a new Minuteman RPM series UPS to the network and am trying to add it as a node with SNMP credentials so we can use UnDPs to monitor specific values, but no matter what Read/Write string I configure on the UPS, Solarwinds tells me that the node does not respond with that Read/Write string.  The only way I can add the node is to leave the Read/Write field blank, but then the UnDPs provide no data.


TL;DR Node not responding to Read/Write string, what do?

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      My first thought is that the device is not configured completely.  Some devices require you to provide an SNMP string and also configure the trap destination.  When you configure the trap destination, that also tells the device who to accept SNMPGet requests from.  But that's just 1 thought.


      Another thought, you can download an SNMPWalk tool from the internet, and see if the device responds to your PC.


      Outside of that, I'm not familiar with the device itself, so I can't really provide any specific details.


      Maybe just 1 more thought, after applying the SNMP string, did you reboot the device?  I have seen some devices require a reset after a change is made.

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    I am making some assumptions here, but these are my thoughts anyway. The Minuteman SNMP-SSL cards are notoriously unintuitive and difficult to configure, that may be what you are using in your UPS for management. I have had success with SNMP v2c in read only, and v3 in read/write after a lot of messing around. The first most important thing is to make sure you have the latest firmware from their support site, older versions have some issues.


    The web interface is more intuitive than the command line interface. On the SNMP-SSL Control page make sure the appropriate SNMP version and ports are configured.


    The SNMP/HTTP Access Control page is where you configure NMS access rights and Read/Write or Read level access, make sure the NMS is configured there with the desired string. This may be where you are seeing it work with no community, but not work with a community from the sound of things.


    The SNMP Trap Receivers page is where you define the trap receivers with associated community in the 'User Name' field.


    Hopefully something here may be of use to you. Also, I posted Universal Device Pollers for the Minuteman in the File Exchange on Thwack.


    Minuteman UPS.UnDP