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Appinsight component error




SAM beta4 and appinsigth is running pretty cool, but currently I´m getting an error on the component "Top Active Sessions". This is the screenshot:

SAm Beta4.png


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    andressk24 could you please send me diagnostic from this server? You can reply to the original beta email your received and attach the diagnostic. We'll look through it and determine what's going on. If necessary, we may ask to schedule a GoToMeeting to troubleshoot further. Thanks!

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      Hi aLTeTeGo,


      I have reinstalled the virtual server where I was testing. I think the issue was occuring because I had installed a demo of WPM on the same server. With the new setup I don´t have any issue, and Appinsight is working peferctly until now.

      Thank you.

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        Hi andressk24,

        On the screenshot I see you're monitoring SQL Server 2005 SP3, which is not fully supported version in this release and this explains the error. Could you confirm the SQL Server version you're using now is 2008 or greater?