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How to conditonally add a ACL entry with NCM


Here's a seemingly simple case:


If a config has an ACL on the snmp-server community statement like this ...


snmp-server community mypublic RO 88

I want to add a statement like this to my config ....

access-list 88 permit


Interestingly enough, I am converting from What's Up Gold and the IP address I want to add is my new Solarwinds Orion server!

Any ideas?

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    andy h

    I think the best way to tackle this is to use the Policy Reporter.  Using the Policy Reporter Application on the NCM server, you can follow the wizard to create a policy that will notify you which devices do or do not contain that line.  Once that is complete you can then create a remediation script that can quickly make that change to the devices you want to have that configuration.