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Alert Central Issues present.


Hi, firstly, I'd like to say thank you so much for creating this system and making it free... :hugs:


Secondly, I've noticed a few 'bugs' in addition to the ones I have seen discussed in the main forum area.  I want to let you know about them and, as I couldn't see anything indicating that was/is a GA release, I thought I'd log them here under the BETA section.


  • AD re-sync, I created a security group in AD and added myself into it, I then pulled this through into AC to do some initial testing (I didn't want to upset my colleagues on a weekend!).  After I was happy with the alerts that were sent out (I had some fun shutting down trunk links that I knew wouldn't be in use today :-D) I added one of my colleagues into the same AD group and tried to do a re-sync (from within the groups tab and then the group I had pulled in earlier), unfortunately I received a dreaded 'An unexpected error occurred' pop-up :-(
  • I cannot see a way of simply setting the default admin password to non-blank.  When I try to change it from the users tab, I have to enter and verify an email address, there isn't one I can use and I would rather keep this account as a last resort login.
  • The buttons in the alert emails don't work when replying from an iPhone (I know, my fault for having one!). As far as I can see this is because when I click a button, the subject is truncated.  Perhaps, moving the reference towards the beginning of the subject - before the alert name maybe - would help rectify this, as even if the subject is truncated, the ID would/should still remain.
  • I cannot see a way of altering the default link - which by the way, is slightly irritatingly named as per the alert name! - it defaults to the internal IP of the server, I would like to be able to set this to a URL (https) so that the actual alert details can be viewed from a mobile device not VPN'd into the network.
  • Not a bug as such, but I did waste a bit of time trying to find mention of how AC integrates with NPM, it would be nice to have a one-liner somewhere stating how it connects and registers itself, there's nothing I had to do to see it working after adding the connection!

Apart from the above, so far at least! This really is an awesome looking product with great potential.