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How to monitor VMAN for  health?


I'm looking to monitor VMAN for health much like I do for STM. I'd like to know how I'd go about monitoring if the services are currently up and running. Also if there is any other way to monitor VMAN functionality I'd love to hear it. Just want to make sure this thing keeps ticking without having to log into it constantly and check it. Maybe WPM monitoring of login but I fear that'll just tell me that the apache service is running.

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    Just an idea - what about to test VMAN itself?


    Create a new Alert:

    1) Severity: Informational

    2) Item Type: VM

    3) Search Query: vm.name:"VMAN" (replace VMAN name)

    4) Evaluation: Performance data collection

    5) setup either e-mail notification or SNMP Trap


    If you get Email / Trap then all services work as expected. If not, something is wrong.