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Dameware Remote Support

  1. What was life like before using SolarWinds? (Include what you were using and why you decided it was time for a change)
    • Before using SolarWinds we used Remote Admin for remote support. Remote admin didn't support Windows 7 (which we were starting to role out), it didn't support viewing dual screens (which 60% of our people had), and the cost was 3-4 times the cost to purchase a product from SolarWinds. We were struggling to support our end users and needed a solution that would offer more functionality as well as give us access to machines remotely.
  2. Which SolarWinds product(s) saved your bacon?
    • Dameware Remote Support saved our bacon. We needed a solution that would offer all of the above items and Dameware was just the tool and more (and we saved a good amount of money).
  3. Did you consider other options, and why did you choose SolarWinds?
    • We considered a newer version of Remote Admin, Ultra VNC, and LogMeIn. Each product offered good features but Dameware Remote Support offered the best features with the best price point. One thing I really like about Dameware is the Active Directory integration. Before we starting using Dameware we had to know the name of the computer we wanted to connect to (which was very challeging at the rate we were hiring people and it was tough to bring in new people to the IT department and train them). Dameware offers this support and countless other features.
  4. How has life been since you've rolled out SolarWinds in your environment?
    • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support has offered a considerable level of functionality for us to support our end users. We can easily find the computers (or servers) we need to connect to, view 2 or 3 screens depending on how many the user has, and access there machines remotely for our on call 24x7 support. Dameware was easy to role out and it has made quite a difference in us performaing maintenance on our servers as well as offering support to our end users.


Thanks SolarWinds and Dameware! Keep up the good work.