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Does WMP need to have an additional poller installed?

Andy McBride

Are additional poller engines for WPM really required if you have any products on additional pollers?


The AG states:


Additional Poller and Web Site

If deploying WPM into an existing SolarWinds environment that does use additional pollers or web sites, you must update the existing additional pollers and web site using the files provided:

Additional Poller update:

 SolarWinds-WPM-v2.0-Poller.exe

Additional Web Console update:

 SolarWinds-WPM-v2.0-WebOnly.exe


I can understand the need for the additional web site component but If we don't plan on using the additional poller for WPM is it still a requirement to install the WPM additional poller?

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    Yes these components must be updated on both the Primary Orion server, and each additional poller to ensure that all polling engine components, collector, job engine, etc are at the same version. failure to update the additional poller with the appropriate product specific packages could result in failed polling due to job scheduling issues.