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Activate or Deactivate DHCP scope ?


I can't seem to see if there is any way through IPAM to activate or deactivate a dhcp scope.  Am I missing something ?

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    Hi, in IPAM you can create, modify or delete zone. There is currently no specific DHCP scope option for deactivation/activation of DHCP zone. Could you please elaborate more on the use case for this?




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      Certainly - I'm in the middle of setting up some scopes on dhcp that I don't necessarily want to be active right away for testing purposes or other reasons. - by default solarwinds is activating the scope.  I have to go into dhcp mgmt in MS server admin tools to disable it, which defeats the purpose of using SW for managing this.


      I think Solarwinds should prompt you, just as MS does, after creating the scope, to activate the scope or not...




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