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"Funny" Installation.....   Tom Sawyer Files in Root of C


So I just rebuilt my Management Station (Desktop PC).   In the process I've redownloaded the IP Address Tracker program.


This is one of the things I noticed:


The Original File that I've downloaded quite some time ago:    SolarWinds-IPAddressTracker-v1    24,351K


This the the NEWEST file that I've downloaded on 4/11/2013:   SolarWinds-IPAddressTracker-v1   24,945K


When I install the NEWEST file,  I noticed the following files get installed into the root of C:\



What is "funny"  I can delete these files.  Then when I launch IP Address Tracker, the files are then reinstalled.


Also when I uninstall IP Address Tracker, these files are removed.


If they are "true" files that are "needed" by IP Address Tracker, I don't mind if they are installed.  But not installed into the Root of C:\, installed them in the Program Files with the associated program.

I've uninstalled this newest version and will use the older version.   This does NOT have any of these files installed.


Again, this was installed onto a Windows 7 64-Bit new build.


Anyone have any ideas???



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    Really careless to dump a bunch of shared DLLs into a root directory - in my case these files are dumped into "D:\" which is my "My Documents" directory. And as you say if you delete them they are re-installed again next time the application is run. What on earth can the developers have been thinking - imagine if every application did this!