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I get no support for the DNSstuff program!



I have 2 domains that I am comparing:

Both are using your default nameservers:
- ns1.eurodns.com
- ns2.eurodns.com
- ns3.eurodns.com
- ns4.eurodns.com

The DNS zones are configured on both accounts in exactly the same way.

However, when I run DNS reports from DNSstuff.com, I receive different output:

I am concerned about the "server timeout" mentioned under the report for face2facefotograveren.nl
See "WWW enabled" section
The local server configuration is also exactly the same for both websites.

Can you please investigate this and help me understand why this is?

Here is the response from euroDNS support...
We cannot see any issues with the WWW host on face2facefotograveren.nl.
The DNS redirection is working as you configured it:

$ dig www.face2facefotograveren.nl A +short

Also we tested with a simple browser and the webserver is properly working. We recommend you to use standard troubleshooting tools like command line tools, for example: dig/nslookup, traceroute/tracert, ping, curl -I and not online tools. You never know how this online tool was programmed and how it really works.


My last support request was not answered.

I cannot be bothered searching through this thwack maze to find it.

Oh, that one has been an ongoing dnsstuff problem for 6 months!!!

(any DNSstuff support staff interested?)

We done DNSstuff!

You have managed to successfully avoid any support responsibilities!

What is the dnsstuff support email?

I do not want to place all my private information on a public forum!!!