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Group Alerting - keeps returning the wrong node name


included below are 2 screen prints that show how the alert is defined and how the email is defined.  I have 40 servers in a Group I created entitled "DISCorp_Legacy" I've set the  trigger condition to send the alert as follows: "Group Member\Group Name=DISCorp-Legacy\Member Status=Down.  Each time I run the "Test Alert Trigger" it returns a Node name that is not included in the 40 member group. Each member node of the group is pinged as ICMP (Ping Only) using the IP address instead of a Hostname. My guess is that I have configured the Trigger Condition incorrectly and I've made several changes as to how it is configured.  Can anyone give me detailed instructions as to how I can get the correct group member name returned in the Test Fire Alert?

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    Testing the alert is not going to give you exactly the information you'd expect when the alert has to go over multiple tables in the database. One thing to not, testing isn't actually testing the alert to make sure it will interact with the correct devices.  The testing functionality does two things (1) can the action be fired, in this case an email and (2) translate the variables into data.  If the alert test is showing data and not the variables, it's working.  You'd see similar results if you test an alert based on a custom poller.  The test ends up grabbing a random value to send in the action.  As long as you're not getting the variable back, the test was successful.  Now, having said that, when the alert actually fires, the variables in the action will take into account the group member that triggered the alert based on the information the alert trigger is looking at.  It will then grab the variable data relevant to that group member.  To truly test the alert, you'd basically reverse the trigger condition, have it only email to you, and you'll see that variable information you'd expect. 



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