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Seriously UPSET with your Support Team




It's been a bit more over 1 week and I still haven't heard of your support team regarding our Case. We are stuck and can't move on with the platform due to lack of attention from you.


I've send emails asking for the status of my Case and I've been ignored.


Would like to know whats going on, are some of us not important enough?

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    Hi rulob,


    Please know that I have inquired on your case and will report back ASAP. 


    Thank you,


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    I have the same problem.  I have had a case (407609) open since 11/15/12 (for a product we are licensed for) and progress has been very slow.  I didn't get any real assistance until I called in and was connected (after a VERY LONG wait) to someone in Ireland that knew the initial problem and helped me resolve it (that opened the door to a second issue that is a bug in the product code, which is where I am now).  I have now been waiting a week for a patch that I was supposed to have on 11/28. What is really frustrating to me is that I have to contact Support to get an update on the status rather than having the Support person proactively give me updates on the case. 

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      It's funny - I'm sure there would be very few complaints if support made as many phonecalls and emails in the last week as sales personnel have. Someone's shooting for a big Q4!

      In all candor, Solarwinds, it would greatly benefit you as a company if you assigned a single person or team to take care of your customers across the product scope.

      Now, I understand generating online quotes and other things are going to generate a response from whatever person catches the lead, but come on - with the amount of money my company has dropped in the last year on this product, give me one or two people to talk to - max. Sorry to hijack the topic.

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        We had a sales person earlier in the year that was wearing us out.  He is no longer there, so maybe he was struggling to meet quota.

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        Although I like everyone I work with at Solarwinds and feel I get terrific support and help, I do see a big advantage to having a sales rep for a customer, rather than a sales rep for a technology or product. I see there is a transition to do this when aquiring new companies though.


        I used to be a pre-sales engineer and the relationships with my customers was number 1 priority.  Plus is helps when your customer knows you, and you know your customer.


        Just my 2 cents....  "oh look, shinny penny!"

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      Hello Jmacera,


      Thank you for your feedback regarding your support
      experience.  I’ll reach out to you
      directly so we can discuss your case.

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    I was contacted yesterday by someone from SolarWinds. Just my luck because yesterday I wasn't at the office, had to go check something else somewhere else.


    I've replied to the emails I got from SolarWinds, hope this moves forward.



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    Today I had a meeting with someone from SW support staff.


    The meeting went very well, and althou some burocratic security issues regarding my company, he was able to identify my problem and offer diagnostic and solution.


    I'll be working on what he shared and see if this fixes my problem. will keep posted.