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Nexus 7000 netflow v5 issue


Using version 9 of netflow worked perfectly but I had to use v5 for another flow, now NTA is saying "NetFlow Receiver Service [SOLARWINDS] is receiving flow data from unmanaged interface '#103' on core and it does not support SNMP."  If I add the interface its name is NTA Virtual Interface 101 and not the VLAN expected.  What am I doing wrong?


flow exporter SolarWindsIPv4Flow

  destination *.*.*.* use-vrf management

  transport udp 2055

  source mgmt0

  version 5


flow monitor NetflowExportV5

  record netflow-original

  exporter SolarWindsIPv4Flow


interface Vlan256

ip flow monitor NetflowExportV5 input

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    Apparently for some reason your Orion is getting another set of interface indexes via SNMP than is actually stored in interface fields in flows.

    This is just fine in case you do not need to monitor the interface via Orion for status and other statistics, just for netflow data.


    Do you see the VLAN interface when asking for list resources on that particular node in Orion node management?


    Btw. you can always rename 'NTA Virtual Interface #xx' to something more meaningful by checking the interface in Orion node management, click Edit properties and change the name.

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    in big trouble job on risk can you please forward me the netflow configuration for nexus 7000 cant make it work i am abdullimran@gmail.com