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Backup Alteon Application Switch SSL configs in NCM

Ayo Adegboye



Is it possible to back up the SSL configs on the Alteon application switches to NCM. The device template that was in the content exchange only backs up the main configs but the SSL config is separate from this so it doesn't get backed up.


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    Sounds like what you want is a custom config type.

    See the NCM administrator guide on config types at:



    Look at Enabling a New Config Type. chapter 5, page 97


    After you set up the config type, you may have to alter the template with the correct CLI commands for the SSL config.

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    Hi Ayo,


    I would like to extend Lorenzo's useful hints with some more.

    I recommend you to check this thread which gives you the big picture of the whole situation.


    I don't know Alteon CLI but a quick Google search gave me the following:

    The command to backup the config in the CLI probably looks like


    Configuration# ptcfg <TFTP/FTP server> <filename> {-tftp | ftp user name ftp password} [-m | -mgmt | -d | -data]

    You must, of course, modify this command to back up the SSL part. As Lorenzo said, this will probably require you to create a new ConfigType.


    Then the appropriate command in the device template should look like this:

    <Command Name="DOWNLOADCONFIGINDIRECT" Value="ptcfg ${StorageAddress} ${StorageFilename} -tftp ??? " RegEx="#"/>

    I don't know what the [-m | -mgmt | -d | -data] options mean, so you have to replace the ??? with something meaningful to backup the SSL part. I suppose that the ${ConfigType} will be included.

    Please let us all know your progress.