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Cannot create NCM scheduled jobs


I try to add a Backup Job in NCM... and no matter what user account/password I use, I keep getting the same error:

It says "An error occured while modifying the job. Ensure that the account name and password are valid."


I've tried a local user (in admin group), and my own account (domain account in admin group)... and nothing will allow this job to be created.

  • Re: Cannot create NCM scheduled jobs

    Things to look for:

    1. The account you are using needs to be a local admin account and not a domain account with local admin rights. 
    2. Go to the local Security Policy and under User Rights Assignment make sure the user is assigned to the “Log on as a batch job” policy.” Is assigned to the user you are trying to use.
    3. Under, local policies/security options make sure the “Network Access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials” is DISABLED

    One of those or a combination of the 3 should resolve your issue.