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Help us help you get the features you want.  Give us the why...


Greetings to all,


SolarWinds has made it a priority to hear the voices of all
our customers, and we make a point of letting you know you are heard.  We
understand the need to see changes and improvements, and it is important to all
of us that we acknowledge just how vital your feedback is.  Thwack
provides us with a platform for our users to speak directly with SolarWinds’
employees, and we encourage the community to keep us updated with their most
pressing needs.  However, please understand that not every feature request
or call for improvement can be fulfilled.  To help us do the best job we
can in assisting you, we need to understand the severity of these requests and
the only way we can do that is through effective communication. 

When adding your voice to the count of a feature request, it
is very helpful if we are provided with an explanation of the positive impact
that change would make in your environment.  Not to mention, it will gain
you more notice than simply “+1”ing a post.  We understand at times these
feature requests are already expressed to their full extent via other users,
but we still would like to know why you specifically are adding your vote to
the count, rather than just “me-too”ing feature requests.  We truly
believe in this community and their suggestions, so with this in mind, keep ‘em


Most appreciated,

SolarWinds Community Team