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Change VLAN Membership IF


Hello all!


My name is Manuel Frueh. I'm new in here, testing the Network Configuration Manager for our company.

Now I want to change VLAN Memberships of a few Cisco Switches (2960). There's tempalte for that, I see. Only thing is, I want to do this more flexible.

I want to select the switch, maybe the port - better is it select every port automatically, say which VLAN should be changed on the interfaces (existing/old one) and say what VLAN should be assigned.

I want to do a "If" condition. If the interface has the VLAN xx, change the interface to VLAN yy.

I tried to change the existring script, but failed on the variables of Solarwinds.


Does anybody has an idea to do so?

Does anybody has a list of the variables that could be used for? (catch the interface vlan id)


Many thanks!


Manuel Frueh