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Alerting on CustomPollers


I have created an alert (Custom Node Poller) which triggers on OID and NumericStatus of over 50 (the poller monitors temperature)

Now the trigger works fine, however at the custom message I cant seem to find the variable to give me the temperature.

Basically my question is, which variable returns the value the custom poller returned?

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    Andy McBride


    Is the poller creating a table? If so the polled data and alert may not play well together. This is an item I am investigating.


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      actually i just got off of the phone about 1,5hours ago...

      apparently SolarWinds has a lot of problems with the "Test Alert".

      For me I have never had any problems with it except now where it just wouldnt show the CustomPoller.Status when it was triggered by the test alert (it would trigger for some other custom interface poller instead).

      It works well if triggered for real tho.