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Compare config files on Linux machine?



Could someone tell me how I would setup configuration file compare on a linux machine with solarwinds?

What I am after is; let's say that /etc/hosts keeps changing and I want solarwinds to alert me everytime this happens and show me what has changed since the last version. Is it possible to do with NCM? If not, could you recommend some other way to do it with solarwinds?



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    I haven't tried it, but I would think you could build a custom device template to have the Linux box TFTP the files to NCM for comparison.

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    NCM is focused primarily on network config backups.  However, there are a few network appliances (e.g. F5 Big IPs) that are linux-based where we've been able to backup the config by executing a "cat" command to show the file contents on the screen.

    I'd recommend checking out F5 BIG IP(along with reviewing the section on creating custom device templates in our Admin Guide) to see if this is something you can make work.

    Let me know if you're able to get NCM to login to the device and can show the /etc/hosts file on the command line.  If you can reach that point, I should  be able to help you get the rest of the way.

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    Has Anyone managed to get this working? I have many Linux configs I need to monitor for changes