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Bridge MIB not supported on Dell PowerConnect 6248



When I try to use Switch Port Mapper on our Dell PowerConnect 6248 I get the error:

 switchIP does not support the Bridge-MIB

which I have seen in many posts in the forum but with no real help in my case.

Based on SolarWinds support recommendation I created a view on the switch but that did not help.


Please help,


  • Re: Bridge MIB not supported on Dell PowerConnect 6248

    phantomf4 - (love those old birds BTW) - If it was not a view issue, there are a few things we can check:

    • Make sure there is no @ sign in your community string.
    • There are a couple different bridge-mibs.  The Engineer's Toolset SwitchPortMapper only checks the RFC1493-MIB:dot1dTpFdbTable, which your device might not support (you can use our MIB-Browser to find out.)  For reference, the other bridge table is Q-BRIDGE-MIB:dot1qTpFdbTable.  If your device only supports the second, I recommend you download our free Real-Time Dashboard Technical Preview, which contains a SwitchPortMapper gadget that supports both bridge-mibs.