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Adding Tables to the Orion Database


I have a number of questions regarding the Orion Datbase.

First I will preface with a description of my final objective to bring reason to my questions. I would like to create a resources for routers that will show information about circuits a certain router may have. Currently we have an excel spreadsheet with all the desired information. I would like to be able to add that information to a newly created Orion table and then use a custom resource to display that information.

So my questions are as follows:

1. Can you import data from an excel spread sheet (CSV) into a Orion Table? Can this be done via a script when updates to that info are needed when circuits change?

2. Can the creation of the table and the updates to the table be done while the Orin service is running? If so, will the new information be accurate and visible on the Orion Website?

3. I know that for the stock resources code such as Nodes.GetProperty("GroupStatus") gets the info from the database. Lets say I have a table CustomInfo with a Column of InfoID. would the command CustomInfo.GetProperty("InfoID") return the value that I want?

If there are already similar items in the content sharing I could not find them, so by all means point me in that direction.

Thanks in advance.

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    great question...this is something I'd like to do as well.

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    1.       Yes, you can import a CSV file into a database table. Look at the bcpand sqlcmdcommands provided by SQL Server. This can be automated using the Windows Scheduler, but Orion doesn’t have any features to help with this. You’re on your own.

    2.       Yes, you can freely update things like custom properties while the services are running. The changes will show up on the website immediately (well, on next page load anyway).

    3.       That looks like syntax from the old ASP-based resources (the ones with a .resource extension). I would recommend against doing new development using that syntax.  Poke around in the ASP.NET-based resources to see how to do this stuff. They’re in \Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\Resources\...\*.ascx.

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      1. Thanks I will look into this with our DBA people.

      2. I added a table and all was well. Thanks.

      3. We currently are using 8.5 but will be upgrading within the month to 9.0. I think I may wait until then to implement those changes with the new aspx format.

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        JasonKV, I just wanted to let you know I do this sort of work all the time, especially with custom properties.  I have some pretty huge sql queries and custom tables built on the Orion database, and have never had a problem.  I just wouldn't recommend updating any of the GUIDs, or something like a NodeID (but you wouldn't need to do that in any circumstance, anyway).

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          How did you add a new table to the Orion Database??

          Help plz

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            If you add a new table to the Orion database, SolarWinds won't be able to support it since it's not part of the original Orion installation.

            With that in mind, if someone in the community, like jp, can help you add a table, that's great!

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            Omar, as per the email you and I have been working on, Orion is just a MS SQL database.

            Normal SQL syntax will create a new table under the database.  You'll have to know what you want to do with it - what kind of data you want to put in it, and why.  For most orion purposes a report will probably do.  You can create a database under any tool that lets you.  SQL Server management studio, Solarwinds orion database manager, report writer (!).